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Cadence Chiropractic & Contrast Suite

Feb 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
It’s not uncommon for football players to sustain injuries, and so it was for Dr. Amanda Haeg of Cadence Chiropractic & Contrast Suite. At age 25, Haeg sustained a pelvic injury while playing professional football with the Pittsburgh Passion, and was unable to walk without pain for months. She finally found relief through chiropractic care, discovering within two weeks of treatments that she was able to jog without pain.

The experience positively affected Haeg’s physical and mental wellness. “As an active individual, being unable to walk without pain forced me to reflect on my life and goals, and I didn’t know how I would achieve all I’d imagined for myself. When chiropractic restored my hope, it illuminated for me the importance of proper spinal health.”

Haeg was inspired to go to chiropractic school so she could help others get to the root causes of spinal issues, from which many other ailments stem. After graduating from Life University, Haeg returned to her native Minnesota and opened Cadence Chiropractic in March 2017.

Advanced Technique and Services

The spine is the home of the spinal cord, Haeg reminds us, which sends signals from the brain to the rest of the body through the nerves. That fine telegraph line of communication gets disrupted when the spine is not in the proper position and motion, which then creates symptoms. Thus, chiropractic adjustments to the spine free the nervous system to adapt and function optimally.

Haeg specializes in the Pierce Results System, which includes the use of objective tools—such as thermography scans and standard x-rays—in assessments. Thermography scans offer a window into the healing process and function of the nervous system, she explains, saying, “I can see how the nervous system is adapting to the stress in our world.” Another objective tool is a video motion x-ray that captures a real-time image of the spine as it is moving. “It allows me to see movement of the bones, giving me the ability to isolate the adjustment to only the bones that aren’t moving well. The more specific the adjustments are, the quicker we’re able to restore function,” she points out. The adjustment is done either manually with a drop table adjustment, or with instruments. She notes that her adjustments do not involve any twisting or cracking.

New complementary services at Cadence Chiropractic & Contrast include an infrared sauna which induces sweat in order to help cleanse pores, detoxify the body, relax muscles and provide some cardiovascular benefits. Also offered is Plunge, a brand of ice bath. “The shock from the cold ice bath makes you focus on your breathing, which is a powerful mental exercise,” Haeg notes. “The cold can also help the body flush out toxins after a workout.” The fire-and-ice/hot-and-cold experience can help challenge and strengthen the body to better handle stress, she reports.

Haeg is passionate about being a partner in her patients’ wellness journeys. “I love the experience of helping people and hearing how they’re able to move better and enjoy life with their loved ones.”

New patient specials include a 60-minute Contrast session for $30, and a full chiropractic assessment for $49. Cadence Chiropractic & Contrast is located at 6409 City W. Parkway, Ste. 105, Eden Prairie. For more information, call 952-855-7656 or visit