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Pure Dental Brings Natural and Biological Dentistry to the Midwest

Dr. Amy Ha Truong is a holistic, integrative, biological, natural dentist who integrates dentistry with a natural alternative to treat and educate patients that “your mouth is connected to your body and your body influences your mouth.” She concentrates on a natural approach in family and general dentistry for the betterment of her patients at Pure Dental, in Oakdale. 

Truong has practiced in Minnesota and Los Angeles, completing advanced training in natural, biological dentistry and safe-mercury amalgam filling removal. In addition, she’s the first accredited member in Minnesota with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and is certified in the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). Truong brings her home-grown training and experience abroad to the Midwest where patients from throughout the country travel to see her. Educating and promoting dental health through scientific and natural options is the goal at her office.

“When treating the entire family, it is important to consider what we are putting in the body and the best materials and dental options available for that specific person. Every person is an individual and can have different needs. Therefore, we offer alternative options in dental treatment and home care for each person,” says Truong.

Truong is conscious of treating every person like family and explains, “If I wouldn’t put it in my mouth or my family’s, then I wouldn’t put it in my patients. As a mother, I’m very conscious about what I put in my daughter’s mouth and make sure it’s the best for her teeth and body.” Truong researches alternative care for her own family and provides the same healthy recommendations for patients, whether it’s mouthwash, filling materials, etc.

There are important facts we should consider when we go to the dentist. A silver filling/dental amalgam is made of approximately 50 percent elemental mercury by weight. “It releases low levels of mercury in the form of a vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed by the lungs. High levels of mercury vapor exposure are associated with adverse effects in the brain and the kidneys.”*

Some patients have sensitivities to dental products, and to that end, Truong offers a dental biocompatibility testing kit with various dental materials to determine which are most compatible. Patients can bring the kit to an allergist, applied kinesiologist or specialist of their choice for testing. Truong is then able to optimally tailor the dental products to best suit the patient.

Pure Dental does not place silver/amalgam fillings, instead offering white, BPA-free composite fillings. When a crown is needed, Truong offers metal-free, all-ceramic crowns. In addition, she offers extra precautions when removing silver/amalgam/mercury fillings, such as 100 percent oxygen, extraoral vacuums, activated charcoal and chlorella to supplement the process. As an eco-conscious office, Pure Dental uses an amalgam (mercury) separator that filters out the mercury so it doesn’t go into the sewer system. The mercury is then sent to hazardous waste instead of contaminating our waters.

An allergy that is encountered more frequently nowadays is gluten, and to address this, Truong provides gluten-free and fluoride-free polishing paste during cleanings. She also offers natural wellness products such as natural Boka toothbrushes which are locally sourced in Minneapolis. Made of soft bristles and embedded with activated charcoal, they naturally reduce odor-causing bacteria. Boka also makes a coconut oil rinse which is simple and easy to use (available at A natural mouthwash favorite of Truong and her patients, the refreshing Tooth and Gums Tonic made from essential oils and alcohol-free, is available at her office for try-out.

Continually researching new, alternative and natural products to enhance oral and body health, Truong wholeheartedly passes this information on to her patients, thus advancing the journey to whole health.

Pure Dental is located at 6230 10th St. N, Ste. 520, Oakdale. For more information and appointments, call 651-731-3064 and/or visit 

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