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Compassionate Truth: Helping People Find Their Way Out of Painful Emotional Memories

Elda Dorothy

Elda Dorothy

“Many years ago, I became estranged from several immediate family members. I was convinced that as long as I didn’t discuss them or the situation, I’d be okay—that I’d get over it. My assumption was wrong.”

So begins Elda Dorothy’s story of how she chose to become a practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and specialize in the area of family estrangement. Dorothy helps clients come to terms with their estrangement by having them work on themselves and move past the trigger points that often precipitate the anger and hurtful feelings that accompany familial estrangement.

EFT is generally associated with acupuncture (without needles) because of its relationship with meridian points on the body. Instead of needles, people use the light tapping pressure of their own fingers.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Lightly tapping on a half dozen areas on the hands and face while stating the feeling or emotion occurring at that moment works like acupressure, helping the unconscious bring up hidden, underlying issues to be recognized and released. “My focus is not to heal the relationship,” Dorothy explains, “but rather to help the individual overcome the emotions attached to the person or event causing the pain. Tapping allows the energy to flow more freely, releasing old emotions so we can have peace and no longer have our buttons pushed by a person or memory of an event.”

EFT, in general, can address many of the issues that crop up in life: cravings, severe headaches, insecurity, frustration at work or in life overall, buried emotions, severe trauma, prolonged sadness, fears, and a host of other emotionally charged issues, whether they’re on the surface, buried beneath years of denial or, in some cases, actually forgotten.

Dorothy shares that her first experience with EFT occurred in 2010 while attending a weekend workshop where she successfully used the technique to work through challenges in her own life. Tapping became an integral tool in keeping her life in balance, and she went on to become a certified EFT practitioner in order to share this technique with others.

Dorothy works from her home using Skype which affords her clients more flexibility in setting appointments, sans travel, while meeting with her from the comfort of their own homes. States Dorothy, “Skype allows my clients to see and connect with me, and connection is so important to this process.”

Dorothy expounds that although EFT is intended to be a self-empowerment tool, there may be times when it’s helpful to connect with a qualified practitioner who can listen and hear things of which the individual may not even be aware or when there’s a stubborn issue that isn’t working itself out. “I tap daily on different things on my own, but I still hire a guide for the bigger issues when they come up,” she says.

Although Dorothy can help people with any issue that EFT addresses, she specializes in healing the raw pain that comes with estrangement from family and close friends because she has been on both sides herself—the estranged and the estranger. “I believe this helps with my compassion and my ability to empathize with my clients,” she attests.

The number of sessions needed to resolve an individual’s issues vary from person to person, however, most people experience greater transformation and deeper healing when they invest in multiple sessions, usually starting with three.

“My goal is to get the individual to a place where there is no shame, guilt or anger about estrangement,” Dorothy goes on to say. “Because we can control only our own actions, it helps us to get to a point where the actions of others don’t affect us. That’s how EFT can help people.”

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