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New Moon Metaphysical Store: Helping People Achieve Their Spiritual Dreams

Barb Sandstrom, owner of New Moon Metaphysical Store, in Anoka, always wanted to open a wellness center. When her mother became ill in 2012, Sandstrom began to look for alternative medical and energy practices. “As she was passing away I kept hoping there was something I could do to help her pass over easier,” Sandstrom remembers, “It was then that I realized I not only wanted to open a wellness center, but provide products that would help other people on their spiritual journey.”

She opened New Moon Metaphysical Store in September and has been very busy. New Moon offers a wide range of products, wellness services, classes and community activities. “I’m jam-packed in here right now,” Sandstrom says. “That’s what I like.” Services include Reiki, Amethyst BioMat sessions, divine guidance energy readings, crystal and chakra sessions, shaman healing and biofeedback.

Sandstrom says she has been amazed by her diverse clientele, from teenagers to people nearing 100. “I have high school girls that come in and know exactly what the different metaphysical rocks are for,” she says. “Then I have older women who come in with a pendulum from when their husbands passed away and they want to know how to use it. I’m very impressed.”

Clients entering New Moon often comment on the store’s energy, therapeutic scent or calming atmosphere. Sandstrom believes this is a powerful aspect of her business. “The energy in this store is very strong,” she says. “Before I opened New Moon I had some friends come with me to say a blessing over the store, smudge the whole place [with healing herbs] and cleanse everything. We still do it periodically because I want people to come here and feel the energy.” She keeps two empty chairs by her desk and says many people come in just to sit down and soak up the environment.

New Moon’s products are meant for people at any spiritual stage. For instance, candles, incense and essential oils center on aromatherapy. “Candles have a great spiritual component and can be used as a blessing,” Sandstrom says. “The candles I carry have affirmations written on them along with directions for using them on a daily basis.” She adds that purchasing a candle is a great way for someone to start if they are new to metaphysical shops.

Also popular are metaphysical rocks that clients use around their houses, carry in their pockets or wear as jewelry. “Most people don’t know what rocks do, but each rock has a different physical property, a healing property, that serves a specific purpose,” Sandstrom says. “For example, rose quartz is meant to bring love into your life, including loving yourself. You can’t love somebody else until you love yourself first.” She guides clients to the rocks that are right for them and provides information cards so they understand their meanings, uses and care.

New Moon offers several classes each week, on such topics as angels, metaphysics, chakras, auras and crystals. Drumming sessions are held on the full moon of every month; all are welcome to participate and submit prayer requests or intentions. Sandstrom coordinates store hours and events around local gatherings and is working with two other stores to plan a goddess weekend later in the year.

Sandstrom is excited that her own dream to open a wellness center has come true. She hopes The New Moon will have a lasting and positive effect on her community. “The big thing here is that I want people to feel the strong presence of this place and I want them to know I have the spiritual tools to help them achieve their dreams,” she says.

New Moon Metaphysical Store is located at 2013 2nd Ave., Ste. 10, Anoka. For more information or appointments, call 612-716-1949, email or visit

Michelle Hamburger is a marketing/sales representative and freelance writer for Natural Awakenings. She can be reached at

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