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Holistic ER with All Natural Kari

Kari Murlowski

Kari Murlowski

All Natural Kari, also known as Kari Murlowski, founded The Integration Station in 2002. She named it thusly based on her unique practice. Upon determining the client’s right/left brain hemisphere dominance, Murlowski uses specific movements or exercises for full integration so neither side is dominant and there is balance. A 13-year holistic educator and health practitioner with more than 600 hours studying holistic modalities, including aromatherapy, emotional release and Brain Gym therapies, she helps her clients release emotions stored in their cells, leaving them energized to live productive lives.

These may seem to be modern therapeutic approaches, but on a trip to Bear Butte, South Dakota, bearing around her neck the medicine bundle she’d received years earlier, she met a Native American Indian dressed in full costume, including feathered headdress, selling cultural books outside a visitor center. When she read his book, The Keeper of the Feminine Medicine Bundle, it was remarkable how the ancient Native American healing methods matched the work she was doing as a spiritual coach. She found the perfect spot to leave the medicine bundle after performing a tobacco ritual, when a voice came in a breeze thanking her for delivering it to its final resting place. She didn’t know when she received the gift that it would be her mission.

“Everything is made of ever-moving energy, including thoughts and emotions,” says Murlowski. “It’s when energy gets stuck the damage happens.” She explains further that cells can get stuffed with energetic gunk. Anger gets hung up in the liver, frustration in the stomach and anxiety/fear in the kidneys. Cells store emotions (or feelings), body (with capacity for wellness or illness) and mind (or mental perception) elements. Centered in these is spirit (unity).

Murlowski believes in providing a safe, comfortable place to integrate the body, mind and spirit with a variety of holistic therapies. Before choosing the course of therapy, she determines which of 32 possible dominance profiles or learning style preferences best suits the client (right/left brain, eye, ear, hand and foot). This she finds most rewarding, and then integration begins.

Who benefits from her knowledge and skills? Anyone who has been at the mercy of his or her emotions or affected by others’ emotions around them. Some of the issues she’s helped her clients overcome are addictions, anxiety, depression, repressed emotions, learning challenges and stress.

Many who appear to have learning issues, such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome or autism, may be limited by the school’s one method of teaching for right eye, left brain dominance, but with so many possible scenarios, customization can help. Some children can’t sit still for a class, but allowed gentle movement as on a stability ball, they are able to focus on the lesson.

Adults stressed out from the demands of their job and raising a family benefit. All the abuse, name-calling, bullying over a lifetime stuffed inside bodies can cause health problems years later.

Seniors who’ve become more sedentary may have reduced their stress since retiring, but they haven’t learned how to integrate body, mind and spirit. Repressed or stuffed emotions eventually produce physical or emotional pain.

Murlowski teaches in schools to educate teachers and at companies to upgrade established practices for optimum behavior and performance. “My goal is to teach people to get grounded in nature, get away from the buzz of the toys and equipment. I help people listen to their body’s messages,” she explains.

Murlowski uses her many skills and knowledge in Brain Gym, aromatherapy and holistic coaching to first release emotions within the limbic center before going deeper to release survival response from the brain stem. Her other tools are chromotherapy, crystal light therapy, healing touch, Raindrop Technique using Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils, acupressure points and positive affirmations to effectively release the negative emotional and mental patterns that have been stuffed into the mind and body. She redirects them into positive emotional responses, thoughts and expressions.

“I don’t prescribe medication or tell clients to go off their medication—that’s between them and their physician,” Murlowski states. “Some have found after a few sessions that they can eventually get off some of their meds. It’s holistic ER.”

Relief can be found in one to six sessions with a tune-up down the road. Brain/body tune-ups are not unlike car maintenance as with regular oil changes. When beliefs change, that’s when real progress is made. Sessions are one hour.

Special introductory rate during the month of November: three sessions for $180.

Location: 4517 Allendale Dr., White Bear Township. For appointments, call 763-785-4600. To learn more about Murlowski’s healing services, teaching events and speaking engagements, visit For information on Brain Gym, visit For information about Young Living Essential Oils, visit

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