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Thermography Offered as Alternative to Mammography in Twin Cities

Valerie Zumbusch, a certified clinical thermographic technician at of Picture of Health, in St. Louis Park, offers thermography as an alternative to traditional mammograms. Thermography has been approved as a screening method by the Food and Drug Administration since 1982.

“Thermography is a safe breast-screening test that is totally non-invasive,” says Zumbusch, who was trained at the American College of Clinical Thermology. A medical infrared camera is used to take digital images, which are read by medical doctors specifically trained to read them. Thermography can detect disease and injury by revealing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. It uses no radiation, no injections and no bodily contact.

Zumbush says that more than 30 years of comprehensive research and more than 800 peer-reviewed studies with more than 300,000 women, followed for 12 years or longer, have shown thermography to be 90 percent reliable in sensitivity and specificity and 97 percent effective at detecting benign vs. malignant breast abnormalities.

Location: Picture of Health, Medical Thermal Imaging, 6420 W. Lake St., Ste. C,
St. Louis Park. For more information, call 952-926-2511 or visit

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