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Hormonal Balance for Gorgeous Skin

Apr 27, 2013 08:41AM ● By Kassandra Kuehl

Kassandra Kuehl

When hormones are balanced, the result is a clear, radiant complexion. Many of us, however, are plagued by dull, dry and sagging skin and conspicuous skin markings, or wonder why we suddenly have more acne than we did as teens. When this happens, there’s a good chance that we are grappling with some type of hormonal issue. To better understand what the skin says about hormonal health, read on.  


Testosterone dominance is usually the culprit in those pesky blemishes that haunt us well into adulthood. The role of testosterone in acne is twofold: it increases sebum production and skin-cell turnover rate, making it easier for blockages to form around the follicle opening. To combat acne, choose a gentle cleanser that won’t strip the skin.


Several hormonal factors can contribute to dry, flaky skin. One of the most common is a drop in thyroid hormone production, causing the epidermis to become thick and scaly. To keep skin moist, use pure, cold-pressed fatty acids and antioxidant-rich oils.

Sagging and Wrinkles

Several studies have highlighted estrogen’s anti-aging effect on the skin. Falling estrogen levels reduce the production of hyaluronic acid, which keeps skin supple and taut. Collagen synthesis also comes to a halt with reduced estrogen levels, further compounding the issue. To keep skin firm and wrinkle-free, use moisture-rich serums containing pure hyaluronic acid.


Characterized by brown patches of skin on the face, melasma is common in women struggling with estrogen dominance. This is because an abundance of estrogen stimulates the production of melanin, the chemical that gives the skin its pigment. To combat melasma, it is important to wear a natural form of SPF every day and adopt a skin-care regimen designed to control hyperpigmentation.

Incorporating a skin-care routine that uses pure, gentle, natural ingredients is an essential element in combating hormonal skin issues. Yet, for a truly powerful approach, some skin-care specialists can combine proper skin care with functional lab tests to assess hormonal status and modify dietary and lifestyle choices accordingly.

Kassandra Kuehl is the founder of Kasia Organic Salon, located at 822 W. 50th St., Minneapolis. Kasia Organic Salon is a pioneer of healthy beauty and is an authority on 100-percent natural products and services. For more information, call 612-824-7611 or visit

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