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Clean Energy Projects Emerge from CERTs Conference

The Clean Energy Resource Team’s (CERTs) bi-annual conference, held in St. Cloud in February, resulted in 32 clean energy projects all over the state. In seven regional groups, participants worked together for 90 minutes to identify energy-efficiency or renewable-energy projects in their respective regions that could be implemented by the next CERTs Conference in February 2015.

The top projects in the Metro area were:

Solar Gardens: Develop and implement community-owned solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Rental Energy Projects: Empower tenants and incentivize landlords to implement energy-efficiency and renewable-energy projects at rental properties.

Small Business Energy Campaigns: Bring together energy-efficiency organizations and business associations to improve energy practices in small business districts.

Energy Behavior Change: Engage homeowners and businesses in energy conservation through a behavior change program, which may include education, outreach, action, role-modeling and motivation.

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