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Using Natural and Integrative Medicine to Repair Damaged Metabolisms

Jun 27, 2013 10:53PM ● By Michelle Hamburger

Dr. Jared Larsen

Since Twin Cities Metabolism (TCM) opened in Roseville in 2007, Dr. Jared Larsen has helped hundreds of patients naturally resolve their metabolic concerns, using an integrative approach to medicine. “I don’t consider myself a chiropractor who does metabolic consulting,” he says. “I am a metabolic specialist who also happens to have a chiropractic degree.”

TCM’s integrative practice combines both Western and alternative medicine, creating common ground where there is often conflict. Larsen refers to this as “bridging the gap.” “There is a huge hole in health care between what a primary care physician is able to test for and then implement,” he explains. “We use valuable concepts from Western medicine, such as lab testing, and apply nutritional therapies to help solve those problems.” He has found his collaborative approach is typically well received by both patients and practitioners.

“In a lot of cases, when someone wants to lose weight they may go to their doctor, meet with a dietitian, or they may go to a personal trainer to learn about exercises,” Larsen explains. “We have created a one-stop shop that provides all of the above in one location.” TCM’s whole-body treatments include metabolic and hormone testing, lab analysis and interpretation, personal coaching, nutrition counseling, exercise instruction and supplementation guidance.

TCM does not offer one-size-fits-all weight-loss programs. Instead, they provide customized metabolic repair programs. Most TCM patients have some level of metabolic damage, which Larsen says happens fairly easily due to years of yo-yo dieting, unhealthy eating or prescription medications. “Many people in today’s society are walking around with major hormonal and metabolic problems that impair the body’s metabolic rate and results in resistant weight loss and metabolic damage,” says Larsen. The damage leaves patients unable to regain control of their bodies, something he strives to change.

His treatment results have also been overwhelmingly positive for such conditions as fatigue, hyperactive or hypoactive thyroid, irritable bowel syndrome and resistant weight loss. Many patients have achieved complete reversals of Type II diabetes. “If you think you’ve tried every diet or exercise program known to man, I want you to know there is a more holistic way to look at things and I can help you,” says Larsen. “I work to restore balance to the body rather than just treating the symptoms.”

Twin Cities Metabolism is located at 1700 Hwy. 36 W., Ste. 400, Roseville. For more information to schedule a free consultation, call 651-636-0055, email [email protected] or visit A free e-book, The Metabolic Solution, is available for download on the website.

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