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Finding the Right Coach for You

Dec 27, 2013 09:08PM ● By Jackie Flaherty

A new year brings new resolutions, but for many of us, those resolutions come with the same disappointment. This might be the year to hire a coach. There are many to choose from: life, career, business, health, fitness, nutrition, success and abundance.

Most coaches help their clients set and reach goals that clients have identified as being important to them. The coach can then hold them accountable.

It’s important to know which type of coach is needed and to find one that resonates with you. Many coaches offer a free, 20- or 30-minute consultation, which provides a test run for the person seeking a coach to see what the experience is like. The free consultation offers both parties an opportunity to imagine working with the other.

Life Coaches

People become interested in partnering with a life coach for a variety of reasons.

“Possibly a person has a goal that is not being met,” says life coach Lori Spangler. “Or they may desire a more meaningful life and want to create a life plan but just aren’t sure how to go about it. A coach is able to work with you to determine your needs and guide you through a process to meet your goals. Coaching is about where you are headed, not where you have been.”

Laurie Phillips, a stress relief coach for women, helps women overcome stressful blocks so they can have the life they most want. Often she deals with health issues by addressing one’s soul and life narrative. “What I do is help clients release stress, anxiety and trauma that’s standing in the way of their moving forward in any area: weight, taking a test, flying, having a job they love or releasing a chronic illness,” Phillips says.

Career Coaches

Career coaches specialize in helping people achieve career- and job-related goals, which can range from achieving specific goals within current careers to helping them choose and transition to entirely new careers. Life coaches typically have a broader focus to help clients with personal goals. 

“A career coach understands your natural talents and personality and how these relate to the working world,” says career coach Kelly M. Lewis. “Some have specific expertise in helping you choose a career direction or changing directions if you are mid-career and not satisfied or fulfilled.” In addition, Lewis says, “Career coaches are often trained and certified to use tools and assessments related to aptitudes and personality. Both are keys to selecting career paths that fit perfectly.”

Abundance Coaches

Abundance coach Teresa Romain says that being able to see something new—a new possibility, solution, or way to take action or see oneself—is vital to creating the life we dream of having.

“Sometimes the only way you can see things differently is to have someone else look at them with you, bringing a different pair of eyes, perceptions, experiences and gifts that will help you see what you cannot yet see,” says Romain. “A person who is able to help you see and find openings and possibilities that you can’t see or act on by yourself. That’s what makes coaching so powerful and transformational.”

Not sure where to begin?

First, decide which type of coach would be the best candidate and then contact them to set up the free consultation. It might be best to contact a couple different ones in order to see the differences and see what each has to offer.

Also, it should be noted that coaches aren’t planned to be there forever, so signing up with one doesn’t mean it’s a lifetime commitment. They help to turn dreams into goals and then help people create the necessary steps to reach those goals.

Kelly Lewis, of Kelly M. Lewis Coaching and Associates, in Edina, is a certified career coach specializing in career aptitude testing and career choice programs for mid-career changers and students making an original career choice. For more information, call 952-456-8467 or visit

Laurie Phillips, of Big Heart Coaching, in St. Paul, is a certified life coach who uses a variety of techniques, including vision cards and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help clients reach their goals. For more information, call 651-225-0858 or visit

Lori Spangler is a Twin Cities certified life coach who specializes in communication, both one-to-one interaction and group presentation. She partners with clients to help them set goals, develop actions plans and achieve positive results. For more information, email [email protected]

Teresa Romain, of Access Abundance, in Briggsville, WI, is a speaker, trainer and coach. She specializes in helping clients thrive financially, emotionally and spiritually and become debt-free. For more information and a free 30-minute consultation, call 608-432-2956 or visit

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