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The Prayer Project

Paramahansa Jagadish, a globally renowned master healer, teacher and spiritual leader based in California, is encouraging people worldwide to participate in The Prayer Project. The project and its accompanying toolbox of prayer book, both created by Jagadish, aim to spread the blessing and impact of prayer and offer perspective on how the world’s predominant religions and cultures approach prayer.

Jagadish is rallying people of the world to step forward with a few minutes of joyful prayer each day to lead the planet into a time of transformation. He is asking people to simply pray for peace for three minutes, three times, for a total of nine minutes a day.

“We have bartered away our future for little gain by destroying the rain forests, oceans, wilderness, plant and animal species, and we have enabled dramatic climate change with no solution in sight,” says Jagadish. “The Prayer Project began when I thought about the sad state of the world today and wondered how I could help spread a message of peace and an experience of divine joy that everyone could participate in.”

The Prayer Project aims to create a connection between all philosophies and faiths in one single, unified voice.

“Prayer is truly universal,” Jagadish says. “It is a singular bond that binds us to so many things: our ancestors, other cultures, individuals, nations, religions and spiritual communities.”

The Prayer Project is available on or as a free PDF at For more information, visit

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