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Compassionate Truth Opens for Business

Elda Dorothy

Elda Dorothy started Compassionate Truth to help individuals overcome the discomfort and anger that can be associated with family estrangement.

“The focus is not on reconciliation since each person’s situation is unique,” explains Dorothy. “Instead, the focus is on eliminating the stress responses whenever the thought of the estrangement arises. Once we’re able to do that, our life changes because our choices are different. We achieve an authentic sense of peace within our body, and not just in words.”

Dorothy said she started Compassionate Truth because she saw a need for healing the pain of family estrangement when she encountered her own resistance to addressing her familial estrangement. “Many people are secretly concealing their emotions surrounding their family estrangement for fear of judgment from others, which can be especially challenging around holidays and special life events,” explained Dorothy.

Working with an energy healing method called Emotional Freedom Techniques, Dorothy works together with her clients to enable them to obtain clarity of their situation and achieve a true sense of peace.

A common result from working with Dorothy is that people are able to let go of certain beliefs they may have harbored and are now able to see things from a different perspective. All sessions are held by Skype to enable people from anywhere to experience this relief. Working via Skype also makes it easier for people to fit what she provides into their busy schedule and from the comfort of their own home.

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