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Meditation as a Way of Life

Dec 29, 2014 01:31PM ● By Alan Pritz

Alan Pritz

Meditation is a popular subject these days, and for a host of reasons. Many are intrigued by the subject but may not know much about it, its benefits, or how to select a practice intelligently. Meditation can be viewed a bit like tea. There are various brands with different flavors but, ultimately, all provide a nourishing beverage suited to individual tastes.

The fundamental purpose of meditation is to help practitioners deepen awareness of themselves as being more than just a physical body. It is a process that turns attention within and focuses it there through techniques that reveal more subtle aspects of our being. Some practices dedicate themselves to non-theistic expressions that attune individuals to mental/emotional processes and show how they are aspects of consciousness itself. Other practices take more theistic, i.e. God-centric, approaches and use techniques to align individuals with spiritually-themed, enlightenment agendas that promote sanctified reunification of soul with Spirit.

Regardless of approach, the benefits of practice are multiple. Scientific research has chronicled a host of physical and mental/emotional health pluses that are compelling reasons to begin a practice even if an underlying spiritual motivation is absent. As a meditation teacher, I’ve found that people are innately curious about their essence of being and purpose for living. Meditation is the most effective way to address these matters directly and experientially.

No matter the reasons why one investigates such practices, if they select and participate in a viable method for any length of time, they’ll find themselves benefitted. So, if you are or have been curious about meditation, do some research; find a teacher and method that “feels right” to you and give it a try. However, be prepared to commit for a while. Although early results are sometimes dramatic, these are usually “teasers.” The crock-pot dish of meditation takes time to yield optimal results. Do your part and the results will merit the effort.

Based in Minneapolis, Alan Pritz is the author of the newly published Meditation as a Way of Life. His previous book, Pocket Guide to Meditation, was released in 1997. For further information on Alan Pritz or his services, or to subscribe to his monthly newsletter, call 612-721-4100, email [email protected] or visit

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