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A Crucial Player for Breast Health

Apr 29, 2015 10:52PM ● By Joyce Sobotta

The lymphatic system supports every system in the body. This vast network is made up of tiny vessels, nodes and spleen. The lymphatic system’s primary function—to isolate infection and debris and transport it through the filtration points known as lymph nodes—is a crucial player in the body’s ability to ward off disease and heal by generating and storing white blood cells that fight infection.

The lymph is like a river; a healthy river runs clear. If lymph fluid is blocked (due to illness, surgery, toxic overload, tight clothing or lack of activity), lymph fluid backs up. Extreme blockage may cause inflammation, pain, fatigue, infections, headaches, cramping, fibromyalgia, depression, and many more symptoms. Muscle contraction, as in the diaphragm with deep breathing, and manual manipulation as in massage, are the primary means for our lymph to circulate and drain from the body.

The body depends on the circulatory system to supply it with needed nutrients and remove waste. Part of the blood escapes from the capillaries and becomes lymph fluid. There are over 600 lymph nodes which carry disease-fighting T cells to attack germs, remove waste and return plasma fluid back to the bloodstream.

Human breasts contain lymphatic ducts and nodes that need palpitation to fulfill their purpose of detoxification. There is twice as much lymph fluid in our body as blood. The lymph continuously bathes each cell. The body needs plenty of quality water for our lymphatic system to function optimally. Much of the vascular fluid, waste and all infection are picked up by tiny lymph vessels which drain away the debris through the circulatory system, before it can travel to other parts of the body.

Fibrocystic breast tissue is not a disease. Statistics say that 90 percent of breast lumps are benign. A gentle lymphatic self-massage is an effective way to move lymph in the breast area and under the arms. Use a light touch, moving the skin instead of massaging the muscles. Enhance the massage by using a blend of pure essential oils such as Healthy Girls Breast Oil to nurture and protect breast health.

Joyce Sobotta offers free webinars and presentations to empower women with freedom from fear of breast cancer by taking preventative action. For more information, including a free pdf of The Nine Steps to Natural Breast Health, visit

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