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Partnering with Nature to Help Patients Regain Optimal Health Meet Dr. Debbie Engelmann, Traditional Naturopath and Herbalist

May 29, 2015 10:33PM ● By Jackie Flaherty

Dr. Debbie Engelmann

“I teach the forgotten art of getting up in the morning with an energetic smile.”

Dr. Debbie Engelmann

Created by Nature Wellness, LLC, Burnsville, was begun intuitively after a deep and personal loss by its founder, Dr. Debbie Engelmann. “The decision to open a healing practice was catapulted into reality when my oldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was treated with the “Adriamycin Cocktail” which includes three types of chemo (Adriamycin, Cytoxan and Taxotere). That treatment caused CMML, an untreatable form of leukemia, which she died from. “Her breast cancer was barely a two,” explains Engelmann. “I always knew my calling was to work with Mother Nature’s gifts, and this event helped me see the form the practice would take in helping educate people in natural health and wellness to avoid my sister’s outcome.”

Engelmann holds doctoral degrees in Natural Health (NHD) and Traditional Naturopathy (TND), and a bachelor of science with a minor in psychology. She trained as a licensed practical nurse and her herbal practitioner education includes formal herbal instruction and apprenticeships with herbalists Matthew Wood (RH), Lise Wolff (RH), Matthew Alfs, Steven Horne (RH) and past president of the American Herbalist Guild, and Paul Red Elk, a Native American herbalist. She is currently working on her master herbalist certification program through the Midwest School of Herbal Studies.

Engelmann has always been close to nature. “Nature has been part of me since my earliest memories with my grandmother, and was further nourished by family summer trips for two months all over the U.S., always out in nature. My link to Mother Earth is strong and natural from forever.”

When she started down the path to heal others while healing herself, Engelmann knew that nature would be a big part of herself and her business. She wrote about her pain and loss in Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness, a collection of healing stories created by Älska Publishing. In the chapter, “Falling into the Garden of Healing,” Engelmann shares the details of her two-year fight to find her way back from the darkness of grief, deep depression, despair and overwhelming anger following the devastating loss of both sisters just five months apart.

Engelmann’s goal is to share tools on how to incorporate health into all areas of life, to allow each individual the ability to authentically live their life. The care and healing techniques used at Created by Nature Wellness focus on healing the whole self rather than simply trying to stop symptoms. “I’ve never liked the ‘fix the symptom but not the problem mentality’ and knew, innately, there was a missing link—that healing needed to be not only on the physical level, but it was critical that the spiritual and, most importantly, emotional wounds be healed in order to heal the body.”

Using pulse-testing, Engelmann helps her clients find the exact herbs and flower essences the body wants to work with. Engelmann and her husband wildcraft most all the herbs used in her practice so the healing properties come from the local environment rather than another country.

Pulse-testing tests the connection between increased pulse rate and the body’s negative reaction to foreign substances. Engelmann explains that she has found pulse-testing to be more accurate for her than kinesiology.

“I am natural to the core, non-judgmental and compassionate while giving to people to help them find a stronger sense of self buried beneath poor lifestyle choices, fatigue and the seemingly unstoppable chatter in the mind,” she explains. “My mission is to empower, inspire and educate in a clear and simple fashion the many natural methods available to heal the human mind, body and spirit, releasing painful emotional memories, while continually respecting the life-giving value of all other creatures and eco-systems upon this earth. More importantly, to assist in healing the earth itself as it struggles to find balance to support all inhabitants. This can be done because I have enough love in my heart to heal the world and give every individual upon it the gift of hope.”

Location: 190 S. River Ridge Cir., Ste. 315, Burnsville. For more information, visit

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