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Good Vibrations

Aug 28, 2015 08:53PM ● By Amy Nesdahl

Amy Nesdahl

Energy. Everything is energy: our bodies, the grass, a book, the wind, even our thoughts and feelings. Everything and everyone is, simply put, a vibrating ball of energy. The rate at which the energy vibrates is called frequency.

We’re just beginning to understand how the very real and measurable science of vibration and frequency has a very real and measurable effect on the quality of our life experience. As we make our way through life on planet Earth as we now know it, we’re hearing more and more about “increasing our vibration,” and discussions about energy and quantum physics seem to be trending.

When trying to get a handle on how this all works, there is one rule of thumb: like attracts like. High vibration attracts high vibration, low attracts low. For example: think about a time when your alarm didn’t go off as planned. You wake up in a panic (low vibration), you stub your toe getting to the bathroom, you burn your toast and you hit all the red lights. Right out of the gate, the choice was to panic and decide it’s a bad day. You set your vibration dial to “bad day” and that’s exactly what you got. Conversely, imagine waking up, noticing it’s not your usual time and thinking “Hmmm...this is different. I wonder what’s in store for me today!” Imagine starting your day out with curiosity and gratitude for whatever new experience you’re about to have. Now that’s a whole different vibration!

Sometimes it’s very easy to identify someone’s vibration. Have you ever been at a party, having a conversation, and without any introduction someone with a very high vibration walks in the room and everyone turns to look? They walk through the door and people can feel their presence. They are most likely smiling, wearing a bright color or bold accessories and are very attractive—despite their physical features. That high vibration attracts high vibration. Abundance, love, health, vitality, joy—all high vibration experiences.

Now imagine the day after the party, someone says something to you about “Bill” being there. You think and think and just can’t remember even seeing Bill. Bill is the type of person who sits quietly in the corner, stewing in insecurity and anger, and blames others for being so lonely in a room full of people. No one is interested in being near Bill—his vibration is low.

You may be wondering if we are predisposed to a certain vibration or if there’s something you can do to shift that frequency. Vibrational shift can go both ways. What you think about, you bring about. Focusing on fear, doubt and anger are just a few ways to ensure a low vibration. The good news is there are so many ways to feel the love and raise your vibration, which leaves you open to attract more high vibrational experiences.

Laughing, holding a baby, holding a puppy, walking in nature, exercise, yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, hugging, overcoming a challenge, accomplishing a goal—these are all ways to raise your vibration. Another way is to clear out some of the old energy you are hanging on to, that no longer serves you. Like I said earlier, even our thoughts and emotions are energy. When we experience drama and trauma, we sometimes hold the emotional energy long after it is relevant, causing our energy flow to be less than ideal.

Reiki is an energy healing therapy that allows you to let go of those old emotional, mental, physical or spiritual blocks that are preventing your ideal flow. Reiki energy is a very high vibration that, when received, sort of shakes out and brings the blocks to the surface—like panning for gold. The blocks are gently released, leaving you with clarity, calm, inner peace, less stress, ease, room to breathe and more. In turn, the high vibrating Reiki energy flows through you and around you, allowing your body, mind and spirit’s vibration to increase.

The choice is yours to raise your vibration today. When you raise the vibration of one, you raise the vibration of all.

Amy Nesdahl has been a practicing Reiki Master and Teacher for 13 years, teaching classes and workshops on energy, metaphysics and Reiki in the Twin Cities North Metro area.  For more information, visit

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