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‘Energized’ Six-Week Online Class Starts in January

Transformational Wellness Coach Cathi Williams, with Ignite Your Vitality, is launching a six-week program starting January 4 on sugar detox and food elimination. Attendees to the virtual class can participate by phone or Internet in this web-based coaching program which takes place 7 to 8 p.m. on Mondays.

The first week, participants will choose between two levels: a sugar detox or an inflammatory food elimination diet. This helps them learn which foods energize versus those which give them acid reflux/heartburn, diarrhea, skin irritations, bloating or a mid-day energy crash. The first week also focuses on helping participants set up for success by being mentally prepared, stocking their environment with healthy foods and removing the tempting foods.

Through the four-week elimination phase, Williams will provide easy recipes, guides for eating out, and alternatives to food for a mid-day pick-me-up that a busy professional can easily follow. The last week helps participants add foods back into their diet and teaches them how to notice signs of possible food intolerances.

As a transformational coach, Williams helps her clients make small life changes, think positively and move past long-time barriers that have kept them from making changes in the past. “Too many people settle for what may be normal instead of optimal,” says Williams. “Everyone has unique needs of which they must become aware. Once they know what those needs are, and meet them, they usually feel better than they ever imagined and have control over how they feel.”

Each session is recorded and emailed to participants who will also have daily support and encouragement via a private Facebook group.

Williams worked in the corporate setting as a personal trainer for more than 10 years and was a wellness coach with Optum/United Healthcare for three years. As a speaker, she encourages busy professionals in making healthy lifestyle changes so they can think clearly, increase productivity and gain lasting energy.

Cost: $147. Register online at For individual coaching, presenting or more information, call 612-254-8400 or email [email protected].

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