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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Energy of Friendship

Jan 30, 2016 08:14AM

Amy Nesdahl

Friendship. For some people, this word brings a rush of joy and memories, support and laughter. For others, friendship means struggle, isolation and hurt feelings. This is most certainly a complex subject that has as many meanings as there are people.

Experiences in friendship are based on things like past relationships, friendships seen on television, read in books and even relationship dynamics of families.

As the saying goes, a friend can be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. While many people are letting go of old belief patterns and healing emotional wounds in exchange for higher vibrating joy, compassion and ease, they are also allowing the natural flow of life—including the natural flow of people moving in and out of their lives.

Through personal growth and spiritual development, a person’s vibration rises. The closer one gets to his Soul Self, the higher his vibration. All aspects of life start shifting. Careers can become more fulfilling with just a few changes, money can start to appear from unique sources, and longtime friendships can fizzle without warning!

While it sounds painful, by continuing to live in that high vibration, letting go of that which no longer serves a person’s higher good can happen with a gentle ease. Compassion and understanding of people, relationships, life lessons and reasons for friendships come with great clarity. Joy and comfort surround those who came for a season, and space is then held for new, higher vibrating friendships to form. Lifetime friendships. People find themselves with deeper, more meaningful connections likened to “finding their tribe” and connecting with soul groups.

These higher vibrating friendships can be the gems of life—people who move in and out of one’s life bringing joy, wisdom, compassion, support and inspiration without expectation or obligation.

By continuing a journey of spiritual growth and working toward raising vibration, people can find themselves enjoying relationships they never dreamed possible.

Amy Nesdahl has been a practicing Reiki Master for 13 years, teaching classes and workshops on energy, metaphysics and Reiki in the Twin Cities North Metro area. For more information, visit

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