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Unlocking the Power of Your Mind to Reach Goals of Any Kind

Looking for a safe way to manage chronic pain or resolve issues around weight? The FARE Hypnosis Center covers those and many more issues allowing clients to transform to their fullest potential. Providing the highest quality hypnosis services is their intention and they meet that by being knowledgeable of the newest developments in that field. All FARE consulting hypnotists are certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Roberta Fernandez, founder of FARE Hypnosis, believes in its transformative value. “Five years ago,” she says, “I would have laughed at that idea.” She learned the benefits of hypnosis firsthand from the experience of painful, arthritic knees. In order to avoid addictive opioid drugs, she used hypnosis to turn off her pain prior to surgery and after surgical knee replacements were done concurrently. No pain meds were needed. Pain is processed in the head and hypnosis changes the way pain is perceived.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

It’s a trance state characterized as a heightened-state awareness and focused concentration where the person is open to suggestions. Light states of hypnosis happen when daydreaming or “losing oneself” in a book or movie. Hypnosis is an efficient way to access a person’s subconscious mind directly, though they’re alert the entire time. The subconscious is a vast reservoir of a lifetime of information and experiences.

The conscious represents only 5 percent of the mind’s capacity. The conscious is logical and analytical and is where short-term memory and willpower are stored. The remaining parts of the mind are the unconscious which regulates bodily functions such as breathing and digestion, and the subconscious housing emotions, imagination, intuition, values, filters, life stories, long-term memories and a person’s “wants”. It’s these latter parts of the mind that operate at a speed of thousands of items per second. The two sections are separated by what’s known as the critical factor— the protective filter that blocks the conscious from instant communication with the subconscious where the cause of adverse habits can lie. In the trance state, it is the subconscious mind that is accessed for creative solutions.

The critical factor forms around age seven. Prior to that, everything experienced enters the subconscious without benefit of a filter. The critical factor offers protection. It prevents things from bubbling up that would cause a meltdown. Hypnosis bypasses this gateway. Hypnosis has been around for centuries but it’s in the last 10 to 15 years that imaging equipment, research and clinical trials have increased, showing it can be remarkably effective for a wide variety of conditions.

Most everyone responds to hypnosis. The practitioners at the FARE Hypnosis Center initially meet with clients to determine if they’re ready for change. They look at clients’ goals and ask what the benefits are to accomplishing them. Whatever we focus on expands.

One weight loss client’s goal was to fit into a smaller size dress. With Fernandez’ help, she had her refocus on something personal by asking, “How does that benefit your life?” The client realized she wanted to restore the feeling she’d receive, knowing her husband appreciated looking at her as she walked out of the room.

Weight loss is most complicated, much like peeling away layers of an onion to get to the source of perhaps lifelong issues. Fernandez believes in being creative and uses the client’s imagination to help them be more compliant. “I don’t know what they need, but their subconscious does,” she explains.

Changing behaviors can involve getting to the root cause. Using the metaphor of “cleaning the garage,” why would one want to do that? What is the function? Maybe to park the car inside or discard items no longer used. It’s only after the outdated belongings are cleaned out that treasured things can be kept in an easily accessible place; maintaining that order involves extra work on the clients’ part.

Bicycles are a common theme displayed throughout the FARE Hypnosis offices. The bike represents the hypnotist who provides the transportation in the right direction, but it’s the client who does the steering and pedaling to complete the journey. That’s why FARE Hypnosis teaches practical self-hypnosis methods so clients can continue the work at home after an average of six in-office sessions.

Hypnosis also works with children. As a tool, it can help them take control. Fernandez tells of one young client who had a bad experience at the dentist leaving him afraid to even have his teeth examined let alone the much-needed work done. No dentist would work with him because of the disturbance he’d create. With Fernandez’ help, he’s able to see the dentist again.

In late September, FARE Hypnosis will offer a seven-week group class for its weight loss clients using hypnotic gastric band surgery. It’s designed to leave participants feeling full and satisfied on smaller amounts of food without the dangers and side effects of actual gastric surgery. Hypnosis rids old beliefs and introduces positive messages and habits that can transform people to their desired body size and shape.

Location: 8353 Crystal View Rd., Ste. 201, Eden Prairie. For more information, call 952-934-1315 and/or visit

Kate Hillenbrand is a freelance writer, certified holistic health coach and the owner of Gut Instincts by Kate.


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