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Wellness Through Crystals and Gemstones

Nov 29, 2016 08:30PM ● By Jennifer Salness

Jennifer Salness

Wellness can happen through many forms. Our body can use modalities such as acupuncture, natural supplements, exercise or massage. The mind can find wellness through meditation, EFT or changing our thoughts. What about our spiritual wellness?

Historically, crystals and stones have been used for centuries. They are mentioned in the Bible and the Koran. In Egypt, they were crushed for use as paint. During the Renaissance, they were used along with herbal remedies for ailments. In the early 19th century, they began to be used as a balm for the soul and spirit through crystal healing.

In our modern times, crystal energy is being incorporated into spas and wellness clinics for relaxation, in massage and other holistic treatments. Crystals are part of a growing movement of spiritual awakening. People are hungry for more meaning and depth, a connection to something larger than themselves, and not always in a traditional way.

How do they work? Crystals and stones have their own distinct “personalities,” no different than we do as humans. Everything in nature has an energy and vibration. Crystals have a vibration of energy that can help heal our mind and spirit. They can be a tuning fork to help our thoughts and spirit become more conscious, centered, abundant, focused, grounded or whatever we may desire to live a better life.

What are popular crystals for our spiritual wellness? Amethyst has been known as a “sobriety stone,” used to help heal addictions. It helps us open to our spiritual life, to a higher guidance of receptivity and connection, and to soothe our energy back to calm and quiet.

Rose quartz is all about love and compassion. Its soothing pink color reminds us that our heart can be open to loving ourselves, our family and friends, the community around us. This stone feels supportive and encouraging when we feel lonely or lost and can be a reminder that there is always love available, whether it is from a relationship, a smile from the cashier, a beautiful flower or a big hug from your child.

Selenite is a beautiful pure white stone. I believe that our living and working spaces can affect our spiritual wellness. If they are cluttered or energetically filled with negativity through things like arguments, confusion or anger, it affects how we feel. Placing selenite in a room can bring the whole energy of the room to a place of brightness and clarity. Its properties remind us that there is a higher source with which we can connect at any time that is all about light, clarity and strength.

 Searching for your own crystals for use in your own life can be rewarding and opens you to new possibilities.

Jennifer Salness is a crystal intuitive and energy sound healer. Her passion for crystals and stones began at a young age and she has been working with them professionally for 18 years. She is certified in and has studied numerous holistic healing methods and has had a successful private healing practice. She is owner of Crystalline Light, an online shop offering crystals, stones, handcrafted energetic mists, and other gifts. For more information, visit or

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