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The Benefits of a Good Travel Agent

Sep 26, 2017 10:44AM ● By Shannon Anderson

Shannon Anderson

Travel agents enhance the travel experience. They know the right questions to ask to turn a trip into a dream instead of a nightmare. The better they get to know a person, the easier it is to match them with the proper destination, hotel, airline and excursion.

People today are traveling for many reasons and a good travel agent will be able to decipher that before a quote is issued. Budget, type of travel, accommodation level and activities are the most important questions to ask to determine the perfect experience. The top five types of travel are leisure, adventure, volunteerism, event and business.

Leisure is the most common type of travel—a vacation focused on relaxation, eating and enjoying time with friends and family. Your travel agent will want to know what type of accommodations you prefer. Do you want a five star with all the amenities or a budget hotel that has a good reputation for being clean and safe? The Caribbean and Mexico are the top leisure destinations in the world and many packages are all inclusive. This is a great option for families because you do not have to spend a dime when you get there and you do not have to leave the property.

Adventure travel is becoming more popular than leisure travel. These travelers want excitement and lots of activities. They want to create an itinerary that they can brag to their friends about before they go and with photos when they return. Activities include mountain climbing, white water rafting, zip lines and shark diving. Costa Rica, Australia, Peru and Colorado are all perfect locations for adventure and can accommodate any level of excitement. The activities will set the itinerary and the hotels fill in around the activities.

Volunteerism is a new type of travel popular with families who want to spend time together and make an impact in a community. This type of travel centers around volunteer options. We have options in the Caribbean and in the U.S. for this type of travel.

Event travel is a favorite—wine tasting, the Olympics, a sporting event, a concert with your favorite band. This is the largest category with endless opportunities. Your favorite pastimes become a travel adventure. The destination and the itinerary are created around the event.

Business travel is a daily event for a lot of people. Bleisure travel is a hot buzz word this year meaning a mixture of business and pleasure. Add in fun when you can. Your travel agent can provide you with a list of events, restaurants and sightseeing tours.  

Travel agents are a luxury that everyone should take advantage of; most agency fees are included in the package price. The price will be the same if you book with an agent or online and many times with an agent you get perks. You also have someone on your team to protect you and your travel rights. Travel agents can negotiate on your behalf.   

Call today to set up your next experience.

Shannon Anderson has more than 25 years of travel research experience and loves to help her clients plan their perfect vacation. For more information, call 763-360-4642, email [email protected] or visit

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