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Monthly Classes from the Center Within

Nov 28, 2017 08:27PM

Michele Rae, Lynn Halloran, Amber Weingart, Judi Ross

Michele Rae, from Center Within, along with three health and wellness office colleagues will begin hosting monthly classes, Healing Happens Here, a health education series. Classes will be held in their Bloomington office conference room from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the first Thursday of each month, commencing on January 4, with the topic Supporting Intentions. Their second meeting on February 1 will discuss Healing the Heart. Each month there will be a new focus and a presentation from each provider.

The Center Within’s founder, Rae is a transformational coach who supports individuals as well as organizations. She provides holistic coaching designed to accelerate and guide personal, professional and organizational transformation. She is also author of Living from the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You are Becoming.

“We are experiencing amazing surges in energy and increasing vibration during these accelerated days of transformation. Supporting our physical, emotional and mental health is foundational to integrating and embodying these shifts as we move towards higher levels of consciousness. Learning and embracing various wellness and spiritual tools facilitate ease, flow and grace in this process,” says Rae.

The other three hosts/presenters include Lynn Halloran, certified nutrition therapy practitioner and pharmacist of the Healing Farmacist; Amber Weingart, traditional naturopath of Opulent Natural Health; and Judi Ross, licensed psychotherapist and registered yoga teacher of Judi Ross Holistic Therapy. During their January meeting all four practitioners will cover the topic of Supporting Intentions, with each of the practitioners highlighting a different area: Restoring Physical Balance, Utilizing Yoga Practices, Releasing Limitations and Detoxifying Your Space.

“We have designed presentations providing cutting edge information and activities on important health topics to improve your wellbeing. Come ask questions, engage in discussion and leave with practical tips you can begin using to positively impact your innate ability to heal and be whole,” Rae explains.

Additional themes for upcoming months include: Boosting Your Immune System, Releasing Limitations, Practicing Mindfulness, and Removing Negativity.

Cost: $20/session. $30/two sessions (bring a friend). Location: Southtown Office Park Conference Room, Main Lobby, 8120 S. Penn Ave., Bloomington. For more information, call 612-465-9775, email [email protected] or visit

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