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Why Healthy Women Get Breast Cancer

Dec 27, 2017 05:39PM ● By Joyce Sobotta

Joyce Sobotta

All too often when a woman receives an abnormal mammogram report, she is thrust into the belief that she must take some drastic measures in order to be a survivor. Too many perfectly healthy women, because of abnormal test results, find themselves acting too quickly because of anxiety and fear of what might happen. Many women don’t take time to ask questions, research and learn what is available to them. Too often I’ve heard horror stories of a ductal carcinoma diagnosis where surgery is suggested the following week. Perhaps a double mastectomy is suggested or encouraged because “it” may spread to the other breast.

Many women are on autopilot when it comes to emotions. They react with what they have learned from their parents or what is the norm with their friends. They fail to take time to research and learn there are improved ways to deal with emotions, especially about breast health.

Understanding Your Emotions

Dr. Thomas Hudson, in his book, Journey to Hope, writes a chapter on understanding and expressing emotions. He quotes James Paget from his book, Surgical Pathology, “The cases are so frequent in which deep anxiety, deferred hope and disappointment are quickly followed by the growth and increase of cancer.” Another recent study shows chronic repression of anger is a recurring theme. Women who have the ability to express their emotions live longer and have a better quality of life.

Hudson says dealing with our emotions starts with awareness. Becoming aware is simply listening to our inner self. The first step is to name the emotion we are feeling. There is a difference in what we feel and what we think we feel. For instance, rejected is an opinion and different from feeling brokenhearted; overworked is an opinion and different from feeling frustrated; and neglected is an opinion, different from feeling lonely. We often confuse the feeling with what we think.

Acknowledge the emotion as our own. No one can make us mad or sad; we can only do that to ourselves. Another person may pull the trigger to our emotions but it doesn’t do us any good to blame anyone else for our feelings. We get to take full responsibility to understand them. Only when we take steps to deal with our emotions can we move to a higher level of consciousness and health.

The next step is to identify where in the body we feel the emotion. Many emotions are perceived to be in the chest area which includes the heart, lungs, breasts, throat and shoulders. When we can identify where the emotion is in our body, we are getting closer to being able to release it.

Always take time to allow and become calm. Ask questions and listen to the deeper message with meditation or simply being quiet. The answers will come. Once you have heard the message, you need to act on it, otherwise the whole process will be for nothing.

Emotions are not bad, not even the unpleasant ones. They all have something to tell us. Any emotion can be considered good as long as we experience it fully and act on the message we receive. Knowing what we are feeling in the moment is like coming home to our inner self, the self where we can feel, joy, peace and love.

Joyce Sobotta has a BS in education and certifications in holistic aromatherapy and reflexology. She is the founder/owner of Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a home-based, international business. She is available for presentations, consultations and essential oil classes. For more information, visit