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Living Courageously

Jan 31, 2018 05:34PM ● By Teresa Heupel

When I look up the word courageous, the first definition is: not deterred by danger or pain; brave. “Her courageous human rights work.”

Other synonyms are brave, plucky, fearless, and valiant. We are truly brave women. We put up with a lot of things in our life and the lives of the ones we love. We make ourselves “unimportant” because others are (supposedly) more important than we are. That is nonsense!

Before take-off when flying, the flight attendant goes through the safety information and talks about the oxygen mask, explaining, “You must put your own mask on first, and then those around you.” Why do you put your mask on first? Isn’t that selfish? No, it’s not! You must put your own mask on first so you can get the oxygen so you can help people around you who are having issues with theirs.

Being courageous means that we take the time we need for self-care. It is not a selfish thing at all. In fact, your family would absolutely love it if you gave yourself some time to be pampered. You will be better at everything you do. There will be no lingering emotional pain, no anger over not being treated well.

You deserve this gift. February 14 is Valentine’s Day. The patron saint of lovers was St. Valentine. If he were still on this earthly plane today, he would tell married couples that there are times when there is suffering. Commitment and vows in marriage are not easy to sustain.

Courageousness is also about being able to live your life on your terms. For example, if you have always wanted to start a business and have a good idea, then you should start it—start part-time and see how it goes. If you are already employed, do it on your off hours. This is called being brave, valiant and plucky. You are not going to be pushed around. You are not to be dictated to by anyone. You are putting your foot down.

You are important. We are a part of God and we are all divine. Being divine is easy when you know who you are and to whom you belong.

While on this journey of being courageous, you may find the need for some healing work. Teresa Heupel is an ordained United Church of Christ minister, a reiki master and a shamanic practitioner, located in Maple Grove. She has done group healings with phenomenal results. For more information and to book appointments, call 701-899-2548 or visit

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