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Aark Advanced Electrolysis = Permanent Hair Removal

Electrology is the only medically recognized method of permanent hair removal for all types of hair. The treatment involves placing a sterile probe into the hair follicle and transmitting a small amount of electrical energy down the hair root, destroying the hair's regenerative cells so that it can never produce another hair.

There are three different currents that can be used to treat each hair:

  • Thermolysis - uses a direct current, creating a chemical reaction in the follicle which destroys the hair's regenerative cells.
  • Galvanic - uses an alternating current that is applied at the hair root, creating heat, which destroys the regenerative cells.
  • Blend - is a combination of thermolysis and galvanic which are blended in the follicle.

Electrolysis can give you a clear, hair-free look on the face and body. Men, women and adolescents employ electrology to improve their physical appearance and it’s the ideal alternative for those with unwanted hair problems to now get permanent resolution.

Fortunately, Aark Electrolysis, in New Brighton, offers permanent hair removal for all types and colors of hair. Diane C. Christofferson, owner of Aark and a certified electrologist, certified natural health professional, licensed cosmetologist and licensed esthetician, brings her clients the latest and most effective in precision technologies (digital). 

Also offered is Ionic Detoxification, the most non-invasive means of getting rid of toxins from within the seven body systems. For those with skin challenges, LED Light Therapy is offered to help with such conditions as acne, rosacea and deep lines.

Location: 704 9th Ave. NW, New Brighton. For more information and appointments, call 651-636-4049 or visit See ad page 17.

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