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Delicious, Nutritious, Sustainable Alaskan Seafood Delivered

Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares announces their eighth season as the leading Community Supported Fishery (CSF) in the Midwest. For those not familiar with a CSF, it works like a farmer’s box or community supported agriculture (CSA) but instead of vegetables and fruits, it's wild-caught Alaskan seafood delivered to your door. The sashimi-quality fish is blast frozen to ensure optimal freshness. Each share, which may include a variety of salmon, halibut, tuna, cod, crab or prawns, also includes chef created recipes to expand meal options. New membership Shares are rolling out every month through September.

As a merry band of talented, multigenerational fishermen, Sitka Salmon Shares has forged a better way to fish sustainably, with traceability back to the exact boat and fisherman who caught your fish. This is “Know Your Fisherman” and it’s changing the landscape of seafood in the Midwest.

“In a world confused by seafood mislabeling and overfishing, where even the term ‘wild-caught’ does not mean much anymore, CSF’s have found a better way,” says Richie Mann, Minnesota manager for Sitka Salmon Shares. “Over my five years with Sitka Salmon Shares, I’ve learned the only way to truly fish sustainably is through a lot of hard work, a lot of love and an old-fashioned hook and line.”

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, any of their Shares would make a great gift for mom and for Mother Earth.

Cost: Starting at $89/month. For more information, visit Also find them at farmers’ markets throughout the Twin Cities; see Calendar of Events for details. 

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