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Awaken to Homeoprophylaxis

Apr 30, 2020 09:00AM ● By Cilla Whatcott, CCH, Ph.D.

There’s a growing awareness of the role microbes play in human health. Sales of probiotics and prebiotics have skyrocketed in the last few decades. As Sayer Ji states on his website, “When we engage in a war against germs and organisms, we are doomed to fail and to cripple not only our species, but our home as well. When we work with the natural world, honoring the complex web that we all share, we will bring back a vital health.” People are rapidly waking up to the natural world of health.

Part of that “natural world” includes something called homeoprophylaxis (HP). HP is administered in the mouth via tiny pellets. This is where natural immunity begins - in mucous membrane - where initial immune responses are triggered as the pellets touch the tongue. HP contains no adjuvants, preservatives, antibiotics or excipients of any kind. It contains only the frequency of the disease. There’s no war against microbes. HP honors the natural world.

Diluted past Avogadro’s number (it’s molecular weight in grams), HP is a form of homeopathy that is devoid of any molecules and thus harmless. It contains an energetic frequency that “educates” the immune system to recognize a disease when met in the environment and effectively either repel the disease or mount an appropriate immune response.

Evidence Abounds

Effective applications include childhood disease, endemic tropical disease and epidemic disease. This 200-year-old method of disease protection has been used worldwide with no recorded deaths or injuries. Large scale observational studies have been conducted in Cuba for leptospirosis (Bracho, G, Varela, E, Fernandez, R, et al.“Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for leptospirosis epidemic control.” Homeopathy. 99 (2010): 156-166.); in Brazil for meningitis in 85,000 people (Mroninski, Adriano, Mattos. Homeopathic Links, Winter 2001, Vol 14(4)); Influenza (International Journal of High Dilution Research 2011; 10(36):174-176); and for the prevention of childhood illnesses in 3500 children (Golden, Isaac. Homeoprophylaxis-A Fifteen Year Clinical Study: A Statistical Review of Efficacy and Safety of Long Term Homeoprophylaxis. Gisborne. Vic. 2004). Effectiveness has proven to be robust and, in many cases, to exceed the effectiveness of conventional vaccines in long-term health outcomes. India has utilized HP for the prevention of Japanese encephalitis for over 20 million people as well. (Srinivasulu, G. An Open Observational Study on the Prevention of Japanese Encephalitis through Miasmatic Prescription, Journal of Homoeopathy, UK 2014).

Most recently, the Cuban government has distributed Prevengovir to boost natural immunity in the presence of the current viral outbreak. Its homeopathic ingredients are: A. barbariae 200c; Bacillinum 30c; Influenzinum 30c; Tub aviare 200c; Pyrogenium 200c; Arsenicum alb 200c; Eupatorium perfoliatum 200c; and Baptisia tinctoria 200c.

HP is not the same as vaccination. Its purpose is to address the terrain, not the germ. Instead of producing antibodies, HP enhances innate immunity, fortifying the natural terrain to support more robust health. It is endorsed by government-employed doctors in India, distributed widely in Cuba for epidemics, utilized in South American countries and well-known in Europe. It is growing in popularity in the U.S.

Dr. Isaac Golden, the world’s leading researcher of HP and the author of the 15-year clinical study cited above, recently made the following statement:

“Homeopathy could assist all governments immediately, at a low cost, without any risk of side effects, and make a definite impact on the progress of… [circulating viruses]. In decades to come, I expect historians to look back at recent decades of pharmaceutical aggression and their domination of many health systems, and measure the immense cost and the damage to millions of lives caused by those who prevented decision makers from seeing the true evidence-based benefits of safe and inexpensive natural options.

Use in Epidemics

As Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych says in the film, Quest for Real Immunity, “Information is the antidote to fear.” In other words, the greater our consciousness of any topic, the more choices we have. When our awareness is narrow, it seems we have no choices at all. If we believe only the evening news, the only choice seems to be panic and quarantine. Let’s step away from the current hype and fear mongering and examine the historical context to consider a new perspective.

Conventional vaccines have been the accepted and preferred method of protection, yet they pose serious drawbacks to reaching those in need in a timely manner. Actual research and development can take months to years initially. More time is required for mass production adding further delays before distribution. Complex regulations with inevitable setbacks can stall the process. Exorbitant costs can eclipse funding, making keeping up with rapidly evolving epidemics a difficult challenge. Expensive refrigeration is required for shipment and distribution. Medical personnel are necessary for injection with hypodermic needles. Once administered, the required amount of time elapsing in the individual before antibody production occurs forestalls rapid protection. Certain vaccines can only be given to a narrow segment of the population such as adults over 18 years of age. Adverse effects for some members of the population are a reality and distinct liability; and many question if vaccines are actually contributing to overall health and vitality.

Using homeoprophylactic intervention for epidemics makes sense for a number of reasons. Initially, the remedies used in HP are very easily produced. Production time is brief, requiring two weeks or less. The cost of manufacturing is very low compared to conventional vaccine production, making them readily available to poor and developing countries.

HP remedies remain stable at room temperature so they require no refrigeration or cumbersome methods to transport. Since they are administered orally, they require no needles and no licensed medical personnel to distribute. Administrators can be rapidly treated in a short period of time at minimal cost. This flexibility allows HP to be adapted to most local conditions and to the poorest of populations. Distribution is swift and manageable.

Unlike vaccines, which are often targeted to specific age groups, HP can be given to any age person very safely, leaving no uncovered population at risk. Additionally, the same can be administered to multiple species - human, avian and animal populations - thus addressing all vectors of disease.

Homeoprophylaxis embodies the energy of cooperation and harmony. Instead of a war against disease, it promotes robust health by cooperation with natural frequencies so we can live in greater harmony with viruses and bacteria. Easy accessibility, safety and ease of distribution are all available with HP. Thanks to forward-thinking countries and individuals, the world is awakening and the message is slowly being heard.

 Cilla Whatcott, CCH, Ph.D., board-certified classical homeopath, was featured in The Truth about Vaccines, and is the proud recipient of a 2016 public service award from the Weston A. Price Foundation for her work. She is the executive director of Real Immunity, an organization that has produced and directed the Real Immunity film series featured on that also offers customized homeoprophylaxis programs. For more information, visit