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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities - September 2020 Issue

Featuring:  Emotional Well-Being and Adaptive Yoga

Letter from the Publisher

Candi Broeffle

Procrastination. It’s a terrible thing. It causes me to sometimes miss deadlines, like it did this month with my Letter from the Publisher (LFP). You see, I wait until the last minute to write the LFP usually giving myself only a few hours to get it in before we go to print. This month I woke early to concentrate on meeting my deadline, only to be faced with an ill family member, requiring me to spend six hours in the emergency room, taking me well past my deadline.

As I sat with him waiting for the results of his tests to come back, I scolded myself for procrastinating. If I had written the LFP the week before, or even the day before, I would not be facing the fact that there would be no LFP this month. Once again, I told myself that I would not procrastinate this task in the future. Only time will tell how that goes.

The good news is that your experience reading Natural Awakenings is not really affected by the lack of the LFP. There are many excellent articles in this month’s issue, that I am confident you will be happy you picked up the issue or read it online.

For instance, did you know that mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D, and because vitamin D is fat-soluble, you should always cook them with butter or your favorite healthy oil? Linda Conroy shares other important facts about their benefits in Five Reasons to Include Mushrooms for Better Health and shares a delicious recipe for mushroom pate that you will love.

You will also benefit from our local contributors who share knowledge on their topics of expertise. Joyce Sobotta provides tips to help you overcome Anxiety, Worry and Fear, while Alina Hornfeldt explains the benefits of Saffron: The Sunshine Supplement.  Cassandra Rose reminds you that You are a Powerhouse of Vision and Health and gives you a common-sense approach on strengthening and maintaining eye health. Finally, Carole Burton invites you to join folks all over the world participating in The Spiritual Dome Prayer Vigil to help shift the imprints and impact of the systemic racism.

There is so much more within the pages of this month’s issue



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