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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities Magazine - October 2020 Issue

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Letter from the Publisher

Candi Broeffle

Recently, one of my fellow publishers, Paul Chen of Natural Awakenings Atlanta, shared his Letter from the Publisher from his October issue. He clearly articulated what I have been feeling for some time now and inspired me to pen this letter.

As the publisher of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities, a coach and a past educator, I have made a cognizant decision not to take a public stand one way or another on controversial topics. I believe it is my responsibility to share information with our readers and allow you, as intelligent adults, to make decisions that are best for you and your family. This election season is no different. Though I will not endorse any candidate, I will encourage you to carefully consider your vote.

Over the last several months I have repeatedly written about fear in my Letter from the Publisher, and this month is no different. As a nation, we are more embroiled in fear and anger than any time in my memory. Both fear and anger are catabolic forms of energy. They trigger our need for survival and activate the fight, flight or freeze instinct. These emotions narrow our scope of vision, causing us to be hyper-focused on what we perceive to be the threat. This limits our ability to see all possibilities, to see the larger picture, to see beyond ourselves. We see the needs and desires of others as a threat to our own needs rather than recognizing our many commonalities. If we are open to hearing one another, we will see that nearly all of us are looking for the same results—protection/security, inner peace, love, joy, and freedom of choice.

We need to remember that energy attracts like energy, meaning that what we focus on attracts more of it. Because fear and anger are low-level energy emotions, they have a downward and destructive pull. Imagine if you spend the month of October criticizing, decrying, screaming, abhorring and hating, what type of voters will show up in waves on November 3? We are each responsible for our own energy, and we have the ability to choose love over fear, hope over despair. Don’t ever become “addicted” to feeling low or feeling poorly; that is merely an indicator that you are thinking in the wrong direction. Come home to yourself; go within and find the peace you want to see in the outer world.

With just a month to go before Election Day, I encourage you to heed the words Chen shared with his readers, “…generate positive feelings throughout the month so perhaps we can collectively generate a tidal wave of positivity that drives more positive people to the polls.” BE that which you wish to see.

In Unity,


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