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Recharge on Mt. Shasta August 18-21

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For those feeling depleted after the intensity of this past year and are ready to recharge, join Annette Rugolo, spiritual guide, and teacher, for a three-and-a-half-day retreat on one of the most enlightened mountains on our planet. Located in northern California, Mt. Shasta is a place filled with wonder and those who make the journey experience the magic the mountain has to offer. People leave feeling healed, refreshed, and revitalized.

The retreat begins in the cleansing headwaters of the Sacramento River and concludes at the top of Mt. Shasta. It offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with others on their spiritual journey, as well as providing space for your own inner work and contemplation.

The mountain itself offers you the love and support needed to heal as she shares her abundance and gifts with all who visit her. To receive her gifts fully, each day begins with a powerful meditation. Simple, yet profound, activities are provided throughout the retreat to assist you in connecting with the fifth-dimensional energy of the mountain and within yourself.

“After going through an extended period of stress, we often get used to dealing with the stress and don’t realize how much energy we are using to ‘muscle through’ another day, week, and month,” explains Rugolo. “Whenever we experience this kind of intensity, it is important to take time to heal and recharge. Once you connect with the mountain, a special bond is created and the energy of the mountain continues to support you long after you return home.” 

Rugolo has been leading magical retreats on Mt. Shasta for over 10 years and her ability to tune into the energy of the group, as well as each individual, provides a safe haven for deep healing and expansion.

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