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Creative Moves in Cleansing the Immune System

Aug 31, 2021 08:00PM ● By Joyce Sobotta

© Valerii Honcharuk

Wise women learn to be creative with cleansing the immune system. The lymphatic system working optimally is one of the most important aspects of our body’s cleansing system. It supports every other system in the body, including the circular, digestive, muscular and nervous systems. It is a vast network made up of tiny vessels, nodes, and spleen.

The lymphatic system’s primary function is to isolate infection and debris and transport it through filtration points known as lymph nodes. A blocked lymph system can become a breeding ground for pathogenic materials. If not carried away with movement or a light massage, these infected lymph cells can travel to other parts of the body. If they are cancer cells, they can begin to grow cancer (metastasis) in other body parts, such as the bone marrow.

Painful and tender fibrocystic breasts, which are not signs of cancer, maybe the cause of lymphatic system blockage. That pain and tenderness may be coming from restricted circulation. Knowledgeable women are creative and learn to do the lymphatic breast self-massage.

The breast self-massage is simply moving the breast tissue with a gentle movement of stretching and releasing to discharge any toxins that may have accumulated causing tenderness and pain. Other steps in cleansing the immune system include:

·         Drink plenty of quality water throughout the day beginning with lemon water upon awakening.

·         Avoid foods that cause sensitivities and allergies.

·         Breathe slowly and deeply from your diaphragm which naturally moves the lymph.

·         Stretch and exercise daily to increase oxygen to the cells.

·         Make lifestyle changes to cleanse fear, anxiety and stress, both mental and physical.

·         Adopt an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness to cleanse and set yourself free.

·         Use essential oils regularly to help cleanse, balance, detoxify and stimulate the immune system.

Take time to become aware of messages you receive in and around you. Learn to use that information to find creative moves and begin to release old patterns and toxic relationships of any kind and live a healthier life.

Joyce Sobotta 

Courtesy of Healthy Girl's Breast Oil

Joyce Sobotta has a Bachelor of Science degree in education and certifications in holistic aromatherapy and reflexology. She is the founder/owner of Healthy Girls Breast Oil—a unique, essential oil blend for breast health. Sobotta offers consultations for optimal breast health. For more information and to view a video on lymphatic breast massage, visit


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