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September Special: Gain Flexibility and Increased Energy

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Body and Brain Yoga and Tai Chi, in Minnetonka, is offering readers of Natural Awakenings one month of unlimited classes for $99. Participants can experience both in-person and online classes that use Eastern practices to enhance physical, mental and spiritual health.

Included in the special are a variety of yoga classes to strengthen the body while centering awareness, and tai chi and qigong classes designed to open the flow of energy in the body for overall mental and physical well-being. There are meditation classes to help us relax, focus and achieve a sense of peace, and breathwork classes to add power and depth to our mind-body practice by teaching us how to accumulate energy.

“Adding the body and brain yoga philosophy has been the most effective stress reduction technique I have encountered,” shares Barb Krieger, a Body and Brain client. “One class gives an adequate daily physical fitness and meditation experience all-in-one.”

To begin a health journey and take advantage of this offer, call 952-513-7285 and mention you are a Natural Awakenings reader.

Cost: $99. Location: 11012 Cedar Lake Rd., Minnetonka. For more information, visit


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