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Keeping Strong Immunity All Season Long


MetroEast Natural Healing Center, in Oakdale, has put together a special event to help people get through the fall and winter months with confidence. Healthy Diet for a Healthy Immune System will begin at 6:15 p.m., on October 13, and will teach the basics of the immune system, which foods negatively impact the immune system, how to nourish the immune system with food and lifestyle factors that stress the body and those that improve health. Participants will get to sip on Immune Tea while they learn plus leave with an Immune Foods Recipe Guide. 

The workshop will be led by nutrition expert, Chelsea L. Kazmierczak-Goethel, an advanced clinically trained Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner who is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

This event is free to attend and participants are encouraged to bring a friend or family member that might also benefit from learning how a healthy diet and incorporating immune-boosting foods can greatly impact their ability to thrive all winter long.

Location: 6993 35th St. N, Oakdale. For more information and to register, call 651-771-1703 or email [email protected]

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