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Barbara Brodsho Offers Free Webinar to Access Your Soul’s Wisdom

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Join Barbara Brodsho, at 6 p.m., on December 8, for Your Soul's Wisdom webinar to learn how your soul can guide you to fulfill your life’s purpose. This webinar is for those who feel a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment, are struggling to find meaning and purpose, or are unsure of what their next steps may be.

Participants will learn how accessing the innate wisdom that lies within them is the key to discover their soul's inherent gifts to find their true calling; how to identify and heal the root cause of recurring patterns that sabotages them; how to release things that no longer serve them; and how they’re uniquely designed to manifest their dreams and visions.

“Several years ago, I was just like many others—I felt empty and unfulfilled,” explains Brodsho. “This is why after experiencing my own profound healing, I felt called to embark on a journey of self-discovery and to better understand life from a higher perspective. This is when I was led to learn how to heal our wounded souls so that we could be free to pursue our passions.”

Brodsho went on to study Christian theology and spirituality as well as many holistic healing approaches, including advanced training in soul-level healing using the Akashic records. “I now understood how our minds, bodies and spirits worked together with our souls and the spiritual realm to heal our broken hearts,” shares Brodsho. “I knew I wanted to facilitate this same outcome within others.”

Cost: Free. Registration opens november 17. To learn more and to register, visit

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