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Breast Cancer Caused by Factors Other than Heredity

Dec 31, 2021 08:00PM ● By Joyce Sobotta


Eighty-five percent of all breast cancer is caused by factors other than heredity. The major causes of breast cancer are environmental toxins, bad eating habits and stress. Our bodies change as we get older, and we are exposed to more toxins today than ever before. Aggressive forms of breast cancer have been increasing. What was recommended in the last 30 to 40 years no longer works. When we learn and act with prevention measures, there can be a decrease in disease and breast cancer.

Some tips for prevention include eating healthy diets and getting rid of bad habits that were popular in the teen years, such as smoking and eating junk food. Habits to incorporate into a wholesome lifestyle are cutting back on sugar and eating more green vegetables, organic proteins and healthy fats, along with lowering alcohol consumption. They also include drinking the correct amount of pure water and getting into a routine of stress-reduction techniques and healthy exercise.

Toxins exist all around us, including exposure to electropollution caused by Wi-Fi and cell phones. Detoxing regularly with short-term fasting diets, enemas or professionally guided detox regimens is beneficial, helping the liver, kidneys and digestive system to function at their best.

Xenoestrogen build-up and exposure to other toxins will deplete the body of natural hormonal balance. Getting specific tests, such as those that check bioavailable hormones as well as iodine and vitamin D levels, is a great place to start. Eliminate fluoride and bromide which can block the absorption of iodine, an important hormone for both the thyroid and the mammary glands. Based on test results, a diet and supplement plan can be designed for our needs. If you consider hormone replacement, choose bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT) which will not increase your risk of breast cancer.

Chronic stress lowers immune function and leads to many diseases, including breast cancer. Practice meditation, yoga and stress-reducing exercises such as walking out in nature, dancing, swimming and other activities that stimulate the immune system. Learning how to deal with emotions through journaling, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique will bring inner balance to your mind and body.

Learn very early breast cancer detection with thermography, which can detect abnormalities in the breast area up to seven years before they become detectable by conventional imaging. Remember to do the lymphatic breast self-massage which allows you to do the self-exam at the same time.

These are specific actions that can be done to keep breast cancers from occurring. Within the last decade there has been much advanced research about epigenetics and nutrigenomics that can be incorporated into a lifestyle that will put breast health in our own hands!


  Joyce Sobotta is the founder of Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a product for breast health. She teaches the importance of the lymphatic system and natural breast health. She is available for consultations, custom blends and essential oil classes. For more information, visit


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