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The Soul’s Calling to Sustain Life on Earth

Mar 31, 2022 08:00PM ● By Barbara Brodsho


All human beings have a responsibility to create and preserve a “sustainable society” on planet Earth—a society in which everyone contributes to preserve or improve the environment and its resources so future generations will have a beautiful, bountiful home to inhabit. What they may not realize is that for some, this responsibility has also been agreed to on a soul-level.

Prior to incarnating into a human body to live a life on planet Earth, souls choose different types of experiences they desire to have for the purpose of greater learning and spiritual growth. They create soul contracts with others at both the individual and group level to assist them in carrying out these experiences.

Lisa Barnett, author of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, shares that some souls are part of a “collective soul contract” or group contract to be of service to the Earth and to humanity. Hundreds of thousands of souls are part of this group contract. They have committed to form different groups to protect and fight against the damage and harm to our planet and its inhabitants. They have vowed to find tools, technology and ways to clean up our land and oceans, to stop global warming and prevent the ice caps from melting. Barnett explains that much of the technology coming into the planet today is actually ancient knowledge and technology that was stored in the Akashic Records of the Universe.

The Akashic Records are like a universal library that can be seen as the Universe’s supercomputer—a central storage facility of all information. It consists of energy and information. Energy is the “hardware” of the Universe and information is the “software”. The information cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled with one’s physical senses. However, this invisible energy field produces physical effects that can be perceived just as is true for all fields known to science, i.e., the gravitational field, the electromagnetic field and the quantum field.

Within the larger Akasha field of energy are individual energy fields or individual Akashic Records for each soul. Each soul has a unique frequency, like a fingerprint encoded into the energies of the Universe. The soul’s Akashic Record is like the modern Wi-Fi internet—it can’t be seen, yet it can be accessed, and information can be obtained from it. 

The Akashic Records hold an infinite amount of information. An individual’s Akashic Record contains an energetic recording of their every thought, word, deed, intent and emotion from the moment of that soul’s inception to the end of time. It also holds the soul-level contracts that soul agreed to prior to incarnating. When the soul makes the choice to be part of a group contract, the person is born with the desire and awareness to help shift something significantly in the world. It is a powerful calling. There is not a right or wrong way to complete a soul contract like this. Each soul is on their own soul path to fulfill their unique role in the collective soul contract. Therefore, these contracts can mean different things to different people.

One person who agreed to this collective soul contract might serve by creating a new scientific invention that improves the environment. Another person may have witnessed or cared for a family member who became ill with cancer. The pain and suffering they witnessed could have been the biggest inspiration for them to invent some sort of inexpensive medical device to detect cancer early. Someone else might serve by clearing plastic debris that is polluting the oceans. And yet another might discover new ways to distribute food to people between different parts of the world.

Some souls are helping to heal the Earth itself. They can do this by just sitting on the beach and burying their feet in the sand while meditating and sharing their high vibration of love and compassion with Gaia. As they open themselves to channel love, light and divine energy through their body and into the earth, they are giving both themselves and Gaia a powerful gift. They are helping Earth grow and awaken as a conscious and sentient being with a soul.

Other souls are here to assist with the awakening of humanity by ensuring there is a shift to higher frequencies of love. Some might carry out their part of the agreement as teachers, healers, spiritual coaches or parents raising their children from a space of pure love. Other roles may be to hold the energetic space for employers and employees to awaken in different parts of society—for instance, in the banking industry or other environments such as law, manufacturing, education, environmental science, health and agriculture.

It is imperative for people to learn to trust their inner voice. This is their soul speaking to them in a quiet whisper or a gut feeling. Listening to their intuition will empower them to heed their soul’s calling to serve their contracts in their own unique way. 

They can also learn about their soul and their contracts through their Akashic Record. It can clarify what their unique gifts are and how they can contribute to sustain Mother Earth in their own unique way. It can empower them to become more consciously aware of their soul’s plan and path.

Each individual’s Akashic Record keepers exist to support and assist the person on their soul’s journey. They are a powerful spiritual resource to tap into. Throughout the process, the person will become more and more enlightened and consciously aware. This will raise their own frequency to higher levels of love and compassion. When they do, they will make a positive impact on the environment and on those around them. They will serve humanity by making their own unique contribution to healing Gaia, making her sustainable for years to come.

Courtesy of Barbara Brodsho

 Barbara Brodshois a soul purpose coach and holistic healer who empowers highly conscious spiritual seekers, creators and leaders to express their soul’s innate gifts and understand their life experiences from their soul’s perspective. As a result, they experience greater joy, abundance and fulfillment while creating and living passionate, purpose-filled lives. She has a master’s degree in theology and certifications in spiritual direction, energy medicine and soul-level healing using the Akashic Records. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Akashic Records, you can purchase the e-book, 7 Ways Your Soul Holds the Key to Living Your Purpose  at For more information or to schedule a free discovery call, visit


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