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Mount Shasta Virtual Retreat with Annette Rugolo

Courtesy of Annette Rugolo

Magic happens on Mount Shasta; it is one of the 24 enlightened mountains on the planet and home to Master St. Germaine. Many know it as “magic mountain” because of the transformations that happen there.

Annette Rugolo is offering a virtual retreat, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., on August 20. Participants will be guided in connecting with both the energy of the mountain and the wisdom of St. Germaine. Attendees will be supported in letting go of old fears and limitations, and opening to the incredible love and wisdom that is within. Participants will connect with their deepest essence and receive clear guidance for the next chapter of their lives.

The retreat begins at the cleansing headwaters of the Sacramento River, continues on to the beauty and wonder of Panther Meadows, and ends at the top of the mountain. Throughout the retreat, participants will be led in powerful meditations where they will learn how to open to the messages of the mountain and expand their consciousness, to continue long after the day is over.

Rugolo is an experienced spiritual guide with 20-plus years’ experience. She will guide participants to energetically connect with places on the mountain that will support them in receiving the wondrous gifts Mount Shasta has to offer. Join in and discover the magic within.

Cost: Early registration through August 10/$118; after/$148. For more information, visit

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