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Fred Clayton Shares How to Grow from the Past to Live a Happier Life

From an autobiographic perspective, Frank Accettura introduces Fred Clayton in a story based on the challenging real-life events the author himself experienced—like bullying and loss—while sharing a relatable story for all demographics.

Readers meet Clayton, a lifelong victim of bullying. From grade school to high school, and even as an adult, his quiet manner and somewhat obese physique are the targets of ridicule and taunting, not only by classmates and coworkers, but even his own mother.

Although he experiences brief periods of improvement, from weight loss to women showing him interest, Clayton continuously struggles with his weight and rejection. For a while, he has his father and sister to count on for emotional and financial support; however, the tragic death of his father and his sister leaving their hometown of Chicago force Clayton to face circumstances he never expected. But, at 29, he is ready to stand up to his bullies.

Accettura hopes his book will be a helpful tool to those seeking encouragement and guidance when navigating difficult moments. “I wanted to use my story as a reflection for my readers to learn that the past does not define the future,” Accettura states. “Instead, it is a steppingstone for growth and cultivation for a better life.”

Cost: $14.99. For more information or to buy the book, visit


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