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April Jones Naturopathic Medicine and Wellness Consulting Now Open

Dr. April Jones

Courtesy of April Jones

Dr. April Jones is a registered naturopathic doctor (ND), providing virtual naturopathic medicine and holistic nutrition appointments to residents across the state of Minnesota.

“The philosophy of naturopathic medicine is based off the deep understanding that the body is innately wise and capable of healing,” explains Jones. “There is often a root cause or many root causes of health concerns that patients feel have never been addressed. My job as a naturopathic doctor is to identify and treat the root cause of those health concerns and support my patients in becoming the healthiest version of themselves.”

With a strong background in nutrition and health coaching, Jones utilizes the fundamentals of holistic health in a way that works for each patient’s lifestyle. “Just because two patients have the same medical diagnosis does not mean their treatment plan will be the same. I love working in a profession that allows the time and space to listen and learn about my patients’ history and health goals, as it allows me to provide true personalized treatment recommendations,” she states.

Jones’ clinical areas of focus include health optimization; disease prevention; women’s health, including preconception and postpartum care; gastrointestinal health; and natural support for anxiety. While nutrition is always included in naturopathic medical care, Jones also works with those that are looking to solely focus on dietary changes.

For more information, call 952-373-1173 and/or visit

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