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Practical Intuition for Daily Life


The Inner Guidance two-part class series returns at 6 p.m., January 18 and 25, to dive into practical tools for accessing inner knowing. Led by Genevieve Wachutka, a guide and healer with the Modern Mystery School, this training introduces participants to techniques to effectively develop intuition and apply it in life.

“Before learning these techniques, I was searching outside myself for so many answers,” shares Wachutka. “What I discovered is the most compelling answers came when I learned how to tap into my inner knowing. Having the tools to connect to my higher self reduced my anxiety and stress. I felt more confident and at peace, like I could handle whatever came my way.”

Everyone has intuition. Like going to the gym, it is a muscle that can be developed, and having support in the process helps build confidence when navigating a new skill. Melinda Spaid, a past participant, shares, “My experience with Genevieve and the Inner Guidance series was wonderful. She helped me gain confidence in my ability to perceive using my intuition and I still use the tools to this day.”

The two-part series consists of The Sanctuary Meditation technique, a specific method of bypassing the mental chatter to connect with the higher mind for insight and clarity. This technique is used to ask questions and gain perspective on the challenges of life. Participants will be guided through the technique and receive a manual with step-by-step process to continue working it on their own. Part 2: Spiritual Intuition provides an overview of the phenomena of intuition and techniques to develop this muscle. Participants will gain insight into their intuitive strengths and learn exercises to perceive more.

The course is open to all levels of experience. Each class is available as a stand-alone training as well as series. 

Cost: $35. Location: 7801 E Bush Lake Rd., Ste., 240, Bloomington. For more information, call 763-222-8600 or visit


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