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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities February 2023

Featuring: Heart-Healthy Living, His Love Affair with the Heart, Healing Through Awareness through Connection and Love

Candi Broeffle

Greetings friends:

February is the month we celebrate all things love. For many, Valentine’s Day means spending time appreciating our romantic relationships, but for some, it is the disappointing realization that there is a lack of love in our life. Love comes in all shapes and forms. It can be love for a child, caregiver, friend, family member, business associate, animal or an endless number of possibilities, and especially important is self-love.

One of the most important (and sadly neglected) ways to show ourselves love is to care for our complete/whole self—body, mind and spirit. Here in the Twin Cities, we are blessed with an abundance of leading-edge, innovative practitioners who provide wellness services like massage, reiki, chiropractic care, holistic dentistry, acupuncture, coaching, naturopathic remedies and more. All you need do is peruse the pages of this magazine to find highly qualified providers and events to meet your self-care needs. Experiencing most of these services personally, I can highly recommend with confidence that you reach out to those that resonate with you in the moment.

Another way to attract more love into our life is something over which we have complete control:  Our willingness and ability to show love to others. So many of us have been hurt and disappointed in sharing our love, but this is not a reason to withdraw. Continue to take chances. One’s heart and its energy field must be open to both generate and receive the energy of love.

Many people find it is easier to love an animal than it is to love a human. Animals are pure spirit, and when treated with kindness, lavish unconditional love on their companions. They are forgiving when we make mistakes and understanding of our difficult emotions. I have known people in the depths of deepest depression who keep moving forward only because they are a guardian to a beloved pet. Loving (pets) gives our life purpose and receiving their love gives us hope. Experiencing this kind of love is proof we are lovable.

For those who are still hesitant to put their hearts on the line, the next step may be to volunteer with children—perhaps holding infants in a NICU, reading to preschoolers, or becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. There are so many ways to volunteer our time and expand love exponentially.

Win-win: Showing kindness to others is the greatest form of Love. What if we all commit to one act of kindness a day? Imagine how it will change our world—how it will change us. Consider it done.

In Love,



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