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Unveiling the Sound of Your Soul Women's Retreat: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment


Calling all women seeking a profound connection with their inner selves and a life infused with purpose. The upcoming Sound of Your Soul Women's Retreat, led by acclaimed mindset coach and life mastery teacher Nea Clare, alongside expert energy and sound healer Barb DeMers, is a transformative event set to unfold October 26 to 29 in the scenic town of Wabasha.

This retreat is designed for women who are seeking a deeper connection with Divine self, and longing for connection with other women claiming their YES life. This is an intimate escape to a modern abode set on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River valley. Clare explains, "The elevated view of the space supports taking on new perspectives, helping the group to think bigger thoughts and dream bigger dreams."

The retreat itinerary offers a balance of self-discovery and healing. Guided meditation sessions will gently navigate participants toward their inner wisdom, while invigorating discovery activities will unveil hidden passions and untapped potential. Led by DeMers, the rejuvenating power of sound healing will wash away stress, fostering a sense of inner equilibrium.

From guided meditation to reflective exercises and the transformative practice of sound healing, every facet is designed to nurture personal growth and forge connections among like-minded women.

Cost: $650/includes lodging and nourishing meals. $599/early registration ends September 21. For more information, visit or email [email protected].


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