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How Do We Leverage Energy for Our Health & Wellness?

Apr 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Vanessa Nordstrom
Energy is matter and matter is energy. The animals, trees, birds, mountains, money, everything is matter made of energy. Atoms at their most basic, nano level are 99% energy and 1% matter. It is our observation of all these atoms coming together that forms a physical state and makes us into the beings we are. This concept is known as Quantum physics.

So, if we are all energy, and everything around us is energy, we must understand how it is perceived, as in a solid, liquid or gas state. It is the frequencies and vibrations around us and within us that make up our being. They create the density and mass that we see. They influence all energy, including the energy in our human state.

Our energy can be influenced by many things; some are barriers or energy blockers, while others create flow. Things that create vibrations—think sound, color, emotions—can all influence our energy for better or worse.

Every day, we experience the impact of many different energies on our own energy. When we explore social media, we entangle with the energy of others. When we watch a TV show or movie, we entangle with the energy of all involved. Exposure to toxins via air, water, food and clothes change our flow of energy.

When this energy flow is out of balance, we are no longer in homeostasis. The body has innate intelligence to bring itself back to balance, to heal itself and maintain a healthy state. As a result of energy imbalance, the body sends out S.O.S. signals in the form of symptoms, disease or illness, whether mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. These are signs that the body is begging for a reset.  

There is a multitude of ways we can work with our energy and create a healing pattern to rebalance the body.

Sound healing can change the frequencies of the body to realign to its balanced state with different waves and vibrations created in measurable tones.

Colors provide both healing and influential changes in the energy flow, as colors are also wavelengths on the light spectrum.

Emotions are energy. They are energy-in-motion (e-motion). When they are not properly processed, they become emotional baggage. Effectively navigating emotions can result in healing.

Emotions are a result of a continuous flow of energy, whether positive or negative. Trapped emotions become barriers that, left unaddressed, become symptoms of disease. It is imperative to work with our energy in order to release, remove, rebalance and reconnect emotions to prevent imbalance and turmoil in our whole being.

Literature supporting alternative and holistic healing methods for mental and emotional health continues to grow. Anxiety, PTSD, trauma and depression are at the forefront of research due to their high prevalence and profound impact on overall health.

The Emotion Code is one holistic tool that can help people navigate their energy and emotions. A 2021 study published in Integrative and Alternative Medicine found significant improvements in self-reported depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms after using the Emotion Code energy healing modality.

Leveraging energy tools for frequency biohacking can help to bring the body (and in turn, the mind and spirit) back to balance. Every household can learn to navigate their wellness journey and rebalance their emotions and energy.

Vanessa Nordstrom is the owner of FYT Health & Wellness, where they utilize multiple modalities to helps bring the human or animal body back into balance including the Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief code, as well as The Healy and the AO Scanner tools that work with individual healing frequencies. Find out how at