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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

June 2024 Natural Awakenings Twin Cities Magazine

Jun 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Twin Cities

June 2024 Natural Awakenings Twin Cities Magazine

Jordan Peschek, RN, Publisher

A Summer in the Twin Cities is magic. Our community comes fully alive: kids play in the park and enjoy summer vacation, folks sit under shaded trees with a good read, families stroll down the block, dogs run and play, and all of us enjoy the fresh air and nourishing energy of summer. Hikers and runners, pickle ball players and bikers, kayakers and outdoor yoga attendees soak in the season. Farmers markets, music concerts, art and craft events, and outdoor patios offer ample reason to explore and adventure. With the sun high the sky and the trees full and green, everything is saturated in more color. Everything feels sweeter.

I hope you find a lovely place to pause and embrace the spirit of the season. Perhaps find a place outdoors to kick your feet up and relax for a moment, open the pages of Natural Awakenings, and enjoy. We are excited to share this issue with something to nourish everyone’s mind, body and spirit. And while we feature Men’s Health this month, every issue is for everyone. We are all touched by people of all gender identities, and the divine masculine and feminine exist within each of us.

We hope you find a piece of inspiration within these pages that can bring something to your summer season. Perhaps it’s a great tip about building and maintaining healthy muscle (page 24), ideas to support emotional well-being (page 18), or a fresh healthy recipe to try (page 21). School’s out and parents can find ideas for helping kids have a fruitful summer on page 22. With all the running around this summer, CBD can offer dogs relief; pet owners can learn more on page 26. We also spotlight a few amazing wellness businesses in the natural wellness and holistic health space on pages 14 and 16.

As you, our loyal readers, well know, Natural Awakenings is on a mission to promote healthier living on a healthier planet. We believe in more natural, holistic and preventive approaches to heal and to stay healthy. We believe in seeing health as an interconnection of mind, body, spirit, our community and our planet. We would not exist without our amazing readers and our supportive marketing partners who align with our mission and help heal other people in our community every single month.

With deep gratitude, we thank you all. Wishing you a vibrant summer season!

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher