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Aromatherapy Nature’s Way Under New Management Mother Transitions Business to Daughter

Cheryl Spitzer (L) and Joyce Sobotta (R)

The growing business of Aromatherapy Nature’s Way—best known for its flagship product, Healthy Girls Breast Oil—made a smooth transition to new management after 11 years. Joyce Sobotta, creator of Healthy Girls Breast Oil, was very happy when her daughter Cheryl Spitzer said she would love to carry on the dream of reaching more women to help them learn about natural breast care and self-love.

The business started in 2007 when a certified clinical thermography technician asked Sobotta if she could create a breast oil. She jumped at the idea because she knew how effective essential oils were. Through intense research and consultation with professional aromatherapists, Sobotta evolved Healthy Girls Breast Oil to the high-quality product it is today. Education about Lady Lymph and instructions on the lymphatic breast self-massage began and continues as a passion for her.

The changeover began over the last few months, including the development of a new website,, to exclusively handle retail and wholesale orders. Spitzer is already a respected nutrition response testing (NRT) practitioner at Cheryl’s Therapeutic Nutrition. Her office assistant, Lindsey, is invaluable in helping with all aspects of both businesses.

Sobotta will continue to consult, teach and share valued information in blogs, newsletters and magazine articles and on social media platforms. She continues to teach essential oil DIY classes and has accumulated considerable information about essential oils, including scientific studies about how essential oils benefit breast health.

Cheryl’s Therapeutic Nutrition is located at 949 Whitewater Ave., St. Charles. For more information and to make appointments, call 507-273-9805 or visit

For natural breast health consultations and essential oil information and classes, call 715-878-4474 or visit 

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