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Barbara Brodsho: Soul Purpose Coach & Holistic Healer

Barbara Brodsho, M.A., provides spiritual guidance to help you live your purpose and thrive utilizing your soul’s Akashic Record. Discover and express your soul’s innate gifts, so that you can confidently and courageously share them with the world. 

Brodsho can help you create a vocation or business that aligns with your soul’s passion and purpose, or gain new perspective, clarity and insight about your life’s challenges by understanding the life lessons your soul chose to experience. You will identify and clear the root cause of issues or recurring patterns that sabotage you or your relationships. 

Brodsho understands that women often put their hopes and dreams on hold, waiting to pursue them until they are the perfect size, shape or look. They find themselves mentally affected by the unrealistic beauty standards represented on TV, in magazines and on social media platforms. Often they are unable to move forward and struggle to understand why they feel so stuck.

Brodsho is passionate about helping women break free from their negative body image and learn to love and accept themselves just as they are. As a result, they experience inner joy and lasting change.

Through a series of spiritual practices women can transform their relationship with their bodies from the inside out. Brodsho shares the details of all these spiritual practices and provides participants with guidance and support to implement them in their own lives in an eight-week online workshop, Honor the Sacredness of Your Body. 

Go to to learn more and to download the free workbook, “The Spiritual Practice of Honoring the Sacredness of Your Body” to get a taste of what is covered in the workshop. 

For more information and to schedule a free Discovery Session, visit To make an appointment, call 612-444-9751 or email [email protected]

Courtesy of Barbara Brodsho

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Barbara Brodsho LLC - 16868 Discovery Lane Lakeville MN

Barbara Brodsho, LLC - 16868 Discovery Lane, Lakeville, MN

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