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Yummy, Yummy, I’ve Got Love in My Tummy

Courtesy of Wulff Built

This title is based on the famous song by Ohio Express that came out in 1968. It was a fun song based on that titillating feeling one gets in their stomach when meeting a special someone and falling in love. Today, that lovely feeling is available to everyone through energy clearing and amplification.

Decades ago, only shaman and various spiritual communities would perform energy clearings for people and spaces. Often, they were the only ones who could feel the difference in the energy. Due to the rapid evolution of humankind and the growing understanding of energy work, more people are aware of these subtle energies than ever before. More people have begun to not only feel them, but interact with and regulate them. They have become more aware of the presence of negative and positive energies and how the different energies affect them. It has become more common for people to use sage, palo santo or copal to clear themselves and their spaces.

More than a feeling. The evidence of subtle energies is more than just noticeable because they are felt. Science has begun to figure out ways to measure and identify the presence and evidence of the effects of these energies. In the now famous research by Dr. Masaru Emoto and documented in the book The Hidden Messages in Water, he was able to prove the effects of positive and negative energies upon water. He did this by sending loving words and thoughts to a glass of water. Meanwhile, he would send hurtful, angry words and thoughts to a separate glass of water. He then froze both glasses of water and analyzed the frozen molecules under a microscope. What he found was fascinating. He discovered that the molecules from the water that received loving words and energies were beautiful, uniform and quite stunning at which to look. Conversely, the molecules of the water that he had scorned were distorted, disproportional and not uniform.

This experiment was so significant in that it showed two things quite clearly. The first showed that energy creates a significant impact upon more than just people—it affects the inanimate world as well. Beyond that, the effects of that impact remain present and are literally stored in the material world.

This is great cause for consideration on how it could have affected someone who drank from one of those glasses of water. Unfortunately, this is often what happens when eating in a restaurant or eating food another person has grown and/or handled. The unaware consumption of another person’s energy is an everyday occurrence to which very few give any thought.

Consider for a moment the percentage of food comprised of water. Then consider how many people handle the food before it makes its way to the table. At the very minimum, there are at least three people who touch food before it touches the consumer: the farmer, the supplier and the grocer. On the average, the number is closer to 10 people. If three of those folks are having a bad day, their bad mood becomes a part of the energy that the consumer is tasked to deal with internally when they sit down to dinner.

Before Emoto ever put a frozen water molecule under a microscope, there was Slim Spurling who was refining his own body of work around the relationship of copper coils and subtle energy. Though the two men never met, their bodies of work would later intersect in a profound way. Spurling is the inventor of the Tensor Ring which is made of strands of copper or silver, bent in half, twisted tightly and again bent to form a ring. He discovered that these rings emitted a certain frequency which was neither completely an electrical field nor a magnetic field, but rather a bit of both. He also discovered that the size of the ring affected the frequency of the tensor field which can be measured in megahertz (MHz). The fascinating thing is he discovered different MHz frequencies had varying effects on inanimate objects, and that a tensor field transforms the energy of the inanimate objects around it into the MHz frequency it is emitting.

Spurling’s Tensor Ring provides a great solution to what Emoto discovered happens to water through the transmission of subtle energy. The recent creation of the Frequency Cutting Board provides a means for utilizing the technology that Spurling created to transform the dark or negative energies Emoto showed can be present in food that has been handled by disgruntled people. Frequency Cutting Boards utilize a Tensor Ring that is embedded into the bottom which clears and transforms the energy within the food being prepared. The boards are built according to the Golden Ratio and digest the negative energy in a person’s food prior to it ever making its way to their plate. One of the boards is imbued with a Tensor Ring which is set to the frequency of 528MHz—which happens to be the frequency of love. 

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