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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities September 2022

Featuring: Vibrant Longevity, and Heading Off Headaches

Candi Broeffle

This month is our annual Inspired Living edition, and it made me think about the many ways we find inspiration and how it can impact our lives. As an energy coach, I share with my clients the different levels of energy in which we fluctuate throughout our day, and how identifying these energy levels gives us the opportunity to choose if we wish to remain in a level or move higher. The lowest levels of energy are centered on fear, overwhelm and conflict, whereas the highest levels of energy are centered on joy, opportunity and creativity.

Some of us are artistically creative and become inspired when practicing our skills. For instance, my husband is an artist who builds his energy when he is creating. It is during these moments when all his worries and daily stresses seem to disappear as his energy is focused on making a stained-glass piece or painting an image. His mind opens and the possibilities are endless. Nothing is as important as that moment of time. It is pure inspiration.

My creativity comes through in different ways. I love to strategize, consider the opportunities that lie in front of us, create a new product, service or business. I am most inspired when I am in the creative process with others as we are developing a plan that will bring an idea to fruition. It is during these times that my energy builds and there is timelessness.

Understanding our creative process and practicing it every day is a surefire way of building positive energy within. Many of the clients I coach do not feel they are creative in any way which is, of course, not true. Every human is creative—but may not be able to identify how [they are].

Creativity is that thing you love to do, and when given the opportunity to practice, you lose all track of time. It is the thing you do not want to stop doing when other responsibilities are calling out to you. When you are doing it, you are confident and trusting in your intuition about what to do next. When you haven’t practiced it in a while, you long for it. It calls out to you in the back of your mind.

If you are not sure where your creativity lives, take some time to consider these thoughts. Getting in touch with your creativity and consistently putting it into practice will not only raise your energy but will raise the energy of those around you. Collectively, it raises the energy of the world. Now, that is inspiring!




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