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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities May 2022


Featuring: Women's Hearts and Resilient Mothering

Candi Broeffle

May welcomes more spring-like weather, the kickoff to vacation season and the honoring of all the mothers and those who have accepted their role with Mother’s Day.

The women in our family have always taken on the role of primary caregivers—to children, elders  and those who are ill, lonely or just need a little tender loving care. As I look back on the generations before me, I see the pattern we have all followed, yet I also see how each generation gets a bit better at taking care of themselves.

As a teenager, I had a conversation with my grandmother that has always stuck with me. She had been married to my grandfather at that time for over 40 years, and for the previous decade or so, he had several health issues that resulted in her needing to take care of every aspect of his daily life. Now, I see how exhausting that must have been for her. I do not remember her doing many things for herself as she was always caring for others. This particular visit, she shared with me her dreams to travel and the plans she had once my grandfather passed away. It was the first time she ever shared that she felt stuck in her situation. Sadly, she succumbed to her own health issues before she ever had the chance to do any of the things she dreamed of doing.

That conversation always stayed with me, and though I have cared for my own family and clients in our foster home for over 30 years, I have made a conscious choice to provide myself with self-care as well as follow my own dreams. This is vital to feel fulfilled, honored and appreciated.

This Mother’s Day, I encourage all of you, whether you are a mother or not, to make yourself a priority, if only for a few hours each week. No longer put off the things you want to do in your life—the places you want to travel, the relationships you want to build, or the care you so badly need. We are blessed to be surrounded with opportunities to connect with others, and within these pages you will find the people and services you need to get started. Schedule yourself a massage or reiki session, sign up for a class, or schedule a discovery call with a coach to speak your dreams into reality.

Whatever it requires, just take the first step. You deserve the care and nurturing you so freely give to others. Make yourself a priority—if only for a moment.

Wishing you wellness!



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