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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities March 2021

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Featuring: Regenerative Organic Farming and Plant Medicine for Mental Health

Letter from the Publisher

Candi Broeffle

March always reminds me of the influential women in my life—my mother, grandmother and aunts—whose energies increased with each minute of extended sunlight that came with spring. Although the seed catalogs that started arriving in the winter had already been reviewed and marked numerous times, March was the time of concentrated planning for abundant gardens. Discussions of the different types of tomatoes that would be planted were followed with debates of the best green bean variety. Inevitably, by the end of March, someone had placed a few seeds in the ground—even though it was far too early.

As these women aged and it was no longer as easy to tend a garden, innovative ideas started to replace the traditional ways of planting. Long-abandoned galvanized stock tanks and tractor tires made decent raised beds until better alternatives were discovered. Soon, burlap sacks and hanging planters provided ample yields of vegetables for their smaller families. Fish tales told by the males in the family were dwarfed by the fables these women told of their gardening adventures.

I am dedicating this month’s issue to these wise women who taught me how to provide for my family, care for Mother Earth and love all beings. They demonstrated for me how everything and everyone has a role to play in this world and that we are all interconnected. They showed me how natural herbs and plant medicines can help many of the things that ail us without the debilitating effects of allopathic medicines.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or someone just starting out, this month’s issue provides valuable information throughout. In our feature article, "Down to Earth: The Promise of Regenerative Organic Farming," we learn how some large-scale agriculture is turning to regenerative gardening techniques to restore the earth and return nutrients to the soil. Though March is too early to plant outdoors, it is a great time to begin indoor planting. Be sure to check out our online exclusive article, “Indoor Edible Gardening: Grow Veggies, Sprouts and Microgreens Year-Round”, at Additional articles and tips will be shared in our social media channels throughout the month of March, so be sure to follow us online and sign up for our online newsletter.

If you are looking to add herbal remedies and plant medicines into your health regime, there are several resources for you in print and online. In “Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol”, we learn about the benefits of CBD, what you should consider when choosing a brand, and the best ways to begin taking it, should you decide to. Our friend, Alina Hornfeldt, from Mastel’s Health Foods, shares the benefits of ashwagandha and rhodiola in helping with stress, while Joyce Sobotta of Aromatherapy Nature’s Way explains how essential oils made of herbs and plants can help strengthen our natural defense systems.

For those seeking more education, be sure to register for the upcoming Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference (MWHC) scheduled for May 7 to 9. This annual conference is packed with information from wise women educated in the ways of herbal medicine. I also encourage you to listen to the February 21 podcast of Green Tea Conversations wherein I interview the founder of the conference, Linda Conroy, about herbal remedies for stress management. She also shares information about the upcoming MWHC conference and the phenomenal lineup of presenters who will be sharing their knowledge.

Wishing you wellness!


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